Pure Vanilla Cookie: How to Get It in Cookie Run Kingdom

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There are many different Cookies available in the Cookie Run Kingdom, the players can use them to overcome the encountered threats. But not all of them are equal in usage, the Ancient Cookies are the most effective of all others. But you cannot find them in a large variety and Pure Vanilla Cookie is one of the game’s Ancient Cookies. Another one is Hollyberry Cookie but that’s not a part of this discussion.

Before you begin, it’s a good idea to brush up on your knowledge about Pure Vanilla Cookie. It is the first-ever included in the Cookie Run Kingdom and in terms of the most impressive Healer Cookies of the game, it’s on top of the list because of its strong power than others. But the real concern is that finding or getting this Cookie is not an easy task and you will face trouble while doing so. But we are here with the guide for your help and will explain how you can grab it.

How to Get Pure Vanilla Cookie through Soul Stones

Currently, the most frequent method of obtaining Pure Vanilla Cookie is to gather Soul Stones. It’s possible to get these by using the Cookie Gacha or buying them from the Arena Battle Store. But remember, you have to spend 600 medals to get one Soul Stone, and you can only buy another after a few days of purchase. Pure Vanilla Cookie or Hollyberry Cookie owns the Ancient Soul Stone offered for purchase.

A minimum of 20 Soul Stones are required to receive a Cookie from the Soul Stones. Pure Vanilla Cookie is then available through the Cookies menu as an alternative. This technique of obtaining them will not affect them during combat; hence it is highly recommended. That’s the perfect way to grab your powerful Cookie items in the game.

How to Get Pure Vanilla Cookie through Cookie Gacha

Although it’s not a common way to go, the players have the opportunity to win Pure Vanilla Cookie with the Cookie Gacha. There is a similar way of collecting Vanilla Cookie’s Soul Stones. The item is 0.054% likely to be drawn by any Featured Cookie Gacha. Acquiring his Soul Stones has an extremely low probability (just 0.308%).

There is still a chance you’ll get your hands on a Pure Vanilla Cookie, even though we understand it’s rare. When using the standard Cookie Gacha, the situation does not change. However, if you previously own the Cookie and draw it through Gacha pull then you will not receive it. Rather than this, you will be rewarded with his 20 Soul Stones. These resources can be put to good use in spreading the word about him.

You can’t buy Soul Stones from Mileage Shop because of the restriction. Instead, make sure to use the Gacha Pull or the Arena Medal Shop to earn a number of Soul Stones. Alternatively, you can acquire them directly from the Arena Medal Shop. Furthermore, there is no way to obtain this Healer Cookie.

Pure Vanilla Cookie Toppings Build

X5 Swift Chocolate Toppings or X5 Solid Almonds are the most incredible options for the Cookie Run Kingdom Pure Vanilla Cookie Toppings build. When using the Swift Chocolate Toppings build, the Cookie skill’s cooldown reduces by some number. He can endure longer in the fight because of his increased resilience from the X5 Solid Almond build. Swift Choco and Solid Almond are other good options. However, through a complete CD build, you will be able to use the healing ability much more quickly.

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