Apple’s Upcoming M2 Chips May Provide a Considerably Better Performance

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We are really impressed with Apple’s previous Macbook Pro laptops which not only deliver a strong performance but even an excellent battery life and wide FHD display panel. But think about the processing of upcoming upgraded M2 chips; yes this is true. Still, there is a long duration to be covered until we see these processor chipsets but reports claimed that TSMC company (Apple’s chips maker) will start working on the production of the latest premium 3nm chips before the end of 2022.

This report comes from the Commercial Times in Taiwan and they reported earlier that TSMC will begin the manufacturing in the later part of September. But for now, we have received new information from the same source and according to that, it’s not going to happen in the next month. It means we will expectedly get the M2 chips in 2023’s Macbook Pro models. Apple’s M2 Pro (and probably M2 Max) could be the company’s first CPU chips built on the 3nm technology.

Further, the A17 chipset (which will be used in iPhone 15 Pro editions) will be the next one we could see after them and it will also use the 3nm process. The same process will be employed to make the M3 chip (which might operate the upcoming 13-inch MacBook Pro and Macbook Air) and other future chipsets from Apple, as stated by Commercial Times.

We have already received news regarding this in July from Mark Gurman, a reporter for Bloomberg, he said that Apple is going to include the M2 Pro and M2 Max chips in the 14 and 16-inch Macbook Pro editions which will feature 12-core processors. The M2 Pro GPU core counts could increase to 18 and 20 while the M2 Max will have support for up to 30 and 38 GPU cores.

However, there is a difference between both sources in regards to the expected release. Mark Gurman stated that the Macbook Pro with M2 chips might be released by the end of the current year. On the other end, the Commercial Times said we will not see them until the beginning of 2023.

Converting the latest chips from 5nm to 3nm process is the perfect thing Apple has decided to do. Since die size reduction leads to increased processing which means better performance, so be ready to get some exceptional results from the future Macbook Pro laptops. Not only does this downsizing in nm increase productivity but it also results in more battery life. If the information about the production and expected launch is right, then the M2 Pro CPU chip might be the first one built using TSMC’s 3nm process in the history of computer technology.

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