Reportedly, Apple iPhone 14 Event will Occur a Week Earlier than Expected

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We have some latest news regarding the Apple iPhone 14 event of 2022, which is expected to be held in September. There is an exciting rumor that started circulating the web. Bloomberg reports that Apple will unveil its newest iPhone lineup and Apple Watches on September 7.

We know the ceremony is highly possible to occur in the first week of September, when the firm traditionally holds its major yearly event. According to Gurman’s reporting, the event would be broadcast online like its previous ones during the COVID-19 outbreak. Previously, we hoped the event would be on September 13 after reading many rumors about the iPhone 14 release date. But this report has changed the situation and overtaken all those reports about the second Tuesday.

Apple is said to be following its usual practice this year, apart from the earlier release date that the report mentions. Further, not only expect that Apple is just going to announce the iPhone 14 devices, but perhaps, we will also see the launch of Apple iPad Pro 2022 and Airpods. Consistent with previous launches, the awaited users are most likely to be able to pre-order their own iPhone 14 on September 9, and the device will appear in the retailer stores on September 16. Reportedly, some top vendor firms have already been urged to get ready to introduce other significant products from Apple.

The speculated iPhone 14 series includes the standard iPhone 14, a massive new iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max, and Apple will reportedly unveil it at the event. Luckily, we will receive these devices with some better improvements. The Pro lineup is now free of top-notch, which may disappoint anyone who likes it, but the company has replaced it with a pill-shaped hole-punch cutout. Moreover, the iPhone 14 Pro models now feature an always-on display which we usually see in flagship android phones, and the latest upgraded version of the chipset is now included in them.

Additionally, we will not get the Mini edition for now because Apple is releasing the bigger-display iPhone 14 Max in replacement for this small device. It’s a good move in a manner that those people who want a large screen but don’t have a vast amount for Pro devices can go with this option. But other than a wide display panel, don’t expect features of iPhone Pro variants because it comes with the same A15 chip and lower pixel cameras.

We have reached beta 6 of iOS 16! That bodes well for the coming launch of the operating system. At the same time, this September Apple iPhone 14 event is a great choice. To make sure you know everything there is to know about the iPhone 14, check out our rumor shakedowns before the event.

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