All CS:GO Callouts on Dust 2 Map

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Most of the players of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive like playing Dust 2, the most famous explosive map in the game’s history. In 2001, it was introduced to the initial Counter-Strike title. Since Dust II is so well-liked, most newbie players begin their game experience from this map. It is easy to learn because it has many straightforward CS:GO callouts.

When playing CS:GO, it can be beneficial to have a good knowledge of each map you are playing. Even if you know the best spots to throw grenades and smokes, you will get the upper hand on your enemies by surprising them with throwables. It’s possible to improve your odds of success in 1v1 battles by positioning yourself in a better situation. Your knowledge of the map and Dust 2 callouts will enhance as you play regularly. However, learning about the maps is also the best way to understand everything about them and all of their best locations.

To improve your gameplay, you should need to understand all CS:GO callouts on Dust 2. If you’re looking for a game with an excellent strategic element, Counter-Strike Global Offensive is the one to play. There is always something fresh to pick up and methods to better. This guide will help you to improve your skills in playing CS:GO Dust 2 map.

All CS:GO Callouts on Dust 2

If you like to boost your gameplay and interactions on the map, learning the below-mentioned callouts will help you.

All CS:GO Dust 2 Callouts
All Dust 2 Callouts in CS:GO (Image Credit:

You can find a wide variety of callouts in Dust 2. The large font identifies the most vital places on the map. These should be your major considerations. Whether you are a naive or an experienced player of CS:GO, you should understand these callouts on Dust 2 to improve your gameplay and get an advantage over your enemies.

Map-savvy players will be able to identify where you are in seconds, and they will know what exactly you are saying. Suppose every member of your team understands each other and has good awareness of the locations. In that case, your team can easily defeat the opponent squad.

Below is a further explanation of all CS:GO callouts on Dust 2 map:

  • A Short: An overpass links the A Bombsite to the midway point. There are a lot of terrorists spawning around this location. To get to A Site it’s the quickest route.
  • T Spawn: You’ll find a spawn place for the Terrorists in this area. Terrorists begin to play their cards from here. They can view which CTs move across to B from a little area of T spawn that looks directly mid to mid doors.
  • T Ramp: You can get to the outside of B Tunnels from T Spawn through this ramp.
  • T Plat: To get to the outside of the B Tunnels, you have to cross this elevated platform from T Spawn. You can observe B Tunnels from a safe viewpoint thanks to the numerous brick piles in this area. You can even see the T Ramp from this spot.
  • Outside Tunnels: This is the area when entering B Tunnels from T Spawn. The territory covered by this callout is large and open from where terrorists make their way to B Site.
  • Upper B Tunnels: B Tunnels has two portions, and it’s one of them. After entering B Tunnels through T Spawn, it reaches a pinch point to the B bombsite location. If terrorists use tunnels to reach the B Site, they make a left turn from this point. After turning right, you’ll reach Mid.
  • Lower B Tunnels: It is the second part of B Tunnels. Starting at Upper B Tunnels, the path goes down a corridor and finishes at an opening to Mid. Terrorists moving underground tunnels use this entry to get access to Mid.
  • Close: Terrorists can use this corner on B Site to get in from the Upper Tunnels. Counter-terrorists will find it an ideal location to sit tight for their targets.
  • B Closet: You can find a car on this corner of B Site, to the tunnels’ right on existing or at the left side of the B Doors. Here, you can cover yourself on B Site so that no one can spot you.
  • B Car: If you arrive from the Mid, you’ll find this car on the B Site to the right after leaving the Tunnels and to the left of the B Doors. If players hide behind the vehicle, they will be on B Car.
  • Fence: Here is the fenced-off wall for those who want to hide from the terrorists until they arrive at B Site. To view the terrorist, players should stay on this wall.
  • B Plat: Higher B Bombsite location close to where players can plant the bombs and against the B Tunnel exit. You can get a sight of the Upper Tunnels entry as well.
  • Back Plat: In the backside of B Plat, this is what you’d find. A separate Dust 2 callout name has been created for it because it is impossible to view the rear of B Plat from the bombsite; therefore, this is used to indicate if a player is stuffed at this narrow spot.
  • Big Box: This is the large box on the B site that resembles the Xbox in the Mid. It lies in the path of the bombsite and B Plat.
  • Double Stack: On the B bombsite, there are two boxes, one on top of the other in the center. That is what the callout indicates.
  • B Default Plant: In this area of the B Site, the bombs are placed frequently. It follows the brick wall closely, tucking in just under B Window and to the B Doors side.
  • B Window: B Site’s brick wall has a hole refers as B Window that connects to CT Mid, as well as numerous boxes provide a pathway to approach it. You will likely take this position if you are fighting for or conquering the B bombsite.
  • B Back Site: The backend of B bombsite can be seen from the Tunnels exit point. It usually includes an area between B Plat and the behind boxes on B.
  • B Doors: These two doors provide access from CT Mid to the B entrance.
  • B Boxes: This CS:GO callout indicates the boxes outside the B Doors and near the CT Mid. You can keep an eye on players who are making the journey from Mid to B.
  • Scaffolding: The building materials can be seen immediately outside B, on the other side of B Window. They provide a good vantage point to see mid to B pushes. B Site’s attackers or defenders will find this location useful.
  • CT Mid: The area between B Site, Mid, and CT Spawn is what we’re talking about here. It is a wide-open space that separates CT Spawn from B Site. From the Midway, terrorists come to this location.
  • Mid Doors: These are double doors in the Mid. Terrorist snipers fire from behind these doors, which serve as a major hub for their attacks.
  • Close Mid Doors: This is the right corner where you would find yourself going to CT Spawn from the Mid Doors.
  • Xbox: The players can reach the A Short and Catwalk through this box in Mid, near the doors. On the other side, you’ll find the entrance to the Lower B Tunnels.
  • Mid: Between Mid Doors and Mid’s peak, this is the central portion of the Dust 2 map. The section of Mid that dips is typically referred to as “Mid.”
  • Right Side Mid: The curved portion of Mid you can see when glancing up from Mid Doors towards T Spawn from the right side. For CTs, this callout makes sense because they are the ones who frequently use it.
  • Top Mid: Staring up from Mid Doors towards T Spawn, you can see the Top Mid. This area is a midway between Suicide and Outside Mid.
  • Palm: When Catwalk ended, there was a palm tree in its place, but currently, it’s a telephone tower.
  • Suicide: The Pit into which one can drop from T Spawn and proceed directly to Top Mid is located just next to Mid Doors. But it’s a risky route to take. A CT sniper may be looking out of the Mid Doors.
  • Outside Long: Upon T Spawn side of the map, there is an open place just outside of Long Doors. Terrorists often use Long Doors and A Long or Top Mid to get into this part. T Spawn is linked with A Long and Long Doors through this region.
  • Long Doors: Two pairs of Double Doors go from Outside Long to A Long through this location. It is an entry point into the zone for terrorists, and CTs routinely guard it. A little chamber separates the two double doors here.
  • Blue: Opposite A Long Doors is the enormous blue shipping container.
  • Side Pit: This is the land between Pit and A Long Doors. It’s the place when the land begins to slope down, and a small brick wall appears before the Pit that you know you have entered the Pit zone. Terrorists could be waiting for someone here or on Pit to arrive.
  • Pit: It is a steeply inclining region outside Long Doors and at A Long end. Players are in Pit while invisible from A Site because it’s on the other side of the A Site and has a steep slope.
  • Pit Plat: When you see the Pit from the bottom and look at its right side, this is the area Pit Plat indicates. From this location, snipers may observe A Site.
  • A Long: Long Doors and Pit are connected to the A Bombsite by a small land area. It’s a lengthy, thin piece of ground.
  • Long Corner: It is the edge of the nearest building to Long Doors. At A Long, CTs frequently use this position to defend themselves from attacks.
  • A Car: If you’re coming from Pit, you’ll see this vehicle on the right side of A Long. One may utilize this callout to view “A Short” or “A Long.”
  • A Cross: This area seperates the A Long and A Site. Due to its broad exposure, it has been named the “Cross.” It’s possible to see this location from various perspectives, including A Site, A Short, and A Long.
  • A Ramp: From the A Cross, you can move up this ramp to reach the A Bombsite.
  • A Default Plant: A location on A for planting the bombs. Located on the platform’s high edge, it provides excellent visibility from each direction to target any CTs.
  • Barrels: An area near the mesh fencing with a set of barrels positioned behind A Site.
  • Goose: Behind A Site and Barrels is a little area covered in a goose-like image painted with spray.
  • Elevator: The A Site Platform corner nearest to the CT Spawn side. Counter-terrorists often take a position to lift their mates to the bombsite during a retake.
  • Short Boost: On the A-side of CT Spawn, you will see a cluster of dumpsters. To speed up getting CTs to A Short, they can utilize them.
  • A Platform: The base on which A bombsite is situated. Usually, this area differentiates the A Bombsite and A Short.
  • A Ninja: A location on A Platform where the players can hide. Many CTs keep their eyes on the place to attack their targets. It’s a good spot for ninja defuse.
  • Stairs: A series of stairs that connects Catwalk to A Short.
  • Catwalk: The pathway that links Mid to A Bombsite and the A Short.
  • CT Spawn: As the name implies, this is where the CT team spawns.

Final Words

There are so many CS:GO callouts on Dust 2 which the players can find. These can help you and your team members communicate more effectively by telling about the enemies’ locations. That is a major benefit that can help you win a lot of fights or even matches.

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