Best Grenade & Smoke Spots on Dust 2 in CS:GO

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Dust 2 is one of the popular and most played CS:GO maps by players all across the world. The reason is that its design is straightforward and easy to learn. Most gamers who play the game for the first time usually start their Counter-Strike Global Offensive journey from this map. Considering this, you should need to learn each spot on the map also known as “Dust 2 callouts” carefully by exploring it. It becomes critical for you to properly use the utilities, and know the right spots where you should place them. So today, we are with this detailed guide about the best grenade/smoke spots on Dust 2 to tell you the right locations and tactics for using throwables.

It doesn’t matter what CS:GO map you’re on; you always have to do something unique to remain one step ahead of the other players in the game. You can achieve this by having great aim skills, using throwables, good game sense, and a complete understanding of your gameplay environment. To gain the upper hand in one-on-one battles, you can use some grenades, Molotov, or smokes to surprise your opponents and distract them from the situation.

Most of the players start roaming all around the CS:GO Dust 2 map without any good strategy in mind, don’t do that. These players continuously lose matches because they don’t employ the grenades, smokes, flashes, or Molotov when their enemies are defeating them using the same throwables. You can gain some relief by throwing frags in the direction you intend to go. However, there are certain best smoke & grenade spots on Dust 2, allowing players to put them without drawing attention to themselves or their teammates from the opposing team.

Best Grenade/Smoke Spots on Dust 2 CS:GO

There are many handy Dust 2 grenade/smoke spots that every player should need to know. Each time, a particular landmark must be aligned with a grenade’s crosshair before you throw it so that it blasts at the right location. The following are the perfect and best smoke/grenade spots on Dust 2 to shock your enemies when a sudden grenade takes them out of their best position or a smoke blinds them from seeing you when you are moving.

1. Cross Smoke

Cross Smoke Spot on Dust 2
Cross Smoke Location

It’s one of the best smoke spots of Dust 2 in Counter-Strike Global Offensive if you push along with your teammates. Your opponents are probably keeping an eye on this entry spot and looking to fire as soon as they see you or your fellows coming from this area.

Make your way through the Long Doors and hold the smoke grenade. Then, aim your smoke exactly at the crosswalk edge and run in the direction of Long A. Jump and throw the smoke simultaneously and walk continuously by taking the cover.

2. Long A Corner Smoke

Using the long corner smoke will help you to pass the long doors
Using the long corner smoke will help you to pass the long doors.

Using the Long Corner smoke will help you pass the Long Doors without trouble if you’re trying to get to the A-side. Do not throw the smoke straight away but run for a while and clear some room before that. It’s best not to shoot while standing still. Rather than this, make some moves and then throw.

You can find this throwable in T-spawn; make your way to the building right near the outside Long. Your point of aim is the second valve, and you can indicate it by a pipe on the wall. If you toss the grenade from below, it will land between the side pit and the blue and that’s an ideal location for this. Alternatively, if you place a smoke close to the door, it will go at the start of Long A.

3. Long A Flash

Long A flash grenade spot
Use a flash grenade in Long A to blind the enemies.

In some situations, flashes are better than smokes to use if your goal is to surprise your opponents and take them down when they are unaware of you. At Long A, a flash grenade is a great tactic for blinding the enemy and allowing both sides to see what is in front while not interrupting each other’s view.

When opponents attempt to look through the long doors, the flashes will go at a similar location and blind them if you toss them like Long A smoke thrown from the area below. Adjust your crosshair at the wall above the car when you’re outside A Long. Rushing through the doors and tossing a flash will allow you to attack any surprised enemies off guard.

4. Xbox Smoke

Most familiar Xbox smoke area
Most familiar Xbox smoke area!

It is hard to deny that Xbox smoke is among the most famous smoke or grenade spots in CS:GO Dust 2. This tactic is usually employed when the terrorists want to play through the middle of the map. Go outside Long and head over to the first right corner after you’ve passed the T-side spawn; this is where you should be.

Take a crouch while aiming at the edge of the building. Stand, jump, and throw the grenade as soon as you have aligned the crosshair at the correct place. If you have successfully placed the smoke on the Xbox top, the AWP user will not have a perfect view of your team members when they are trying to push the middle.

5. CT-Spawn Cross Smoke

CT Spawn Cross Smoke Pathway
CT Spawn Cross Smoke Pathway!

You will need to pass a location over CT-Spawn as you approach bombsite A from Long A-side. While it’s possible to walk through this area, any of your enemies at CT-Spawn will see you easily and do significant damage. The best way to deal with this is to spread the smoke across the whole region. In this way, you will be able to walk through the way without fear that your opponent will target you.

6. B Door Smoke

Position yourself here to smoke at B Door
Position yourself here to smoke at B Door.

In some circumstances, the CT squad will have a reserve player in the middle. Based on the spot where T wants to advance, this player will provide support from the sites. It enables them to respond to whichever location is under attack immediately. The B door provides this player with a clean field of vision, and this smoke ensures that they never get a vision.

When the players have positioned themselves close to the door near B in the upper tunnels, it’s possible to look at the ceiling. You can block the view of the CT player by throwing smoke through the tiny opening in the ceiling.

7. Mid to B Smoke

Mid to B Smoke Spot
Mid to B Smoke Spot!

As far as Counter-Strike maps go, the Double Doors of Dust 2 are among the most iconic. In the game, Double Doors are a common approach to entering midfield. It’s also possible that enemies hiding in CT-Spawn will shoot you as both places are near to each other.

To cross the area by keep yourself safe from enemy attacks, throw smoke in the middle by standing behind the boxes at Double Doors. After the area is covered with smoke, you can easily move from CT-spawn to the B site without notifying your foes.

8. New Car Molotov/Frag Grenade

Use a Molotov or frag to clear the New Car area
Use a Molotov or frag to clear the New Car area.

Dust 2 New Car has progressively gained popularity as a position that players can take control of. It is now considered among the best grenade spots on Dust 2 map. If you successfully clear out this area, the danger will remove; it means you must do so now. An effective flank or push against the enemy’s defense is conceivable with this strategy.

The Long Doors is the place where you need to stand on the barrel and then throw a Molotov or a frag grenade at the sign of Salon. Anyone in the vicinity of the frag will get exposed. The Molotov will burn the whole area in its range, either killing with fire or expelling everyone in its path.

9. Skylight

Skylight A Site
Skylight A Site

The skylight location is a proper Dust 2 grenade spot for your team if you plan to stick to the A-site. It used to be possible for gamers to blind their opponents by running through a place and throwing a flash into a skylight at the same time. But, you can not do this for now.

The only way to get around this is to take a jump after some run and toss it in the middle, which will strike all of the enemies present at the location. That’s a helpful technique to keep all of them from spotting your exit.

10. Lower Tunnel

Throw a smoke frag or flash to shock any player near Lower Tunnel
Throw a smoke frag or flash to shock any player near Lower Tunnel.

To find the last throwable spot in Dust 2, head to the Lower Tunnel. When aiming upward, align the crosshair at the building directly beneath the streetlight.

Throw any utility (flash, frag grenade, or smoke). Anyone who hides or rushes from the other end will get captured. They will get blind, or their view will get obstructed. After that, you can push directly and take control of the area.


So, these are some of the best smoke/grenade spots on Dust 2 CS:GO map. However, tossing more potent grenades or smokes is possible with creativity, mind, and physical moves. During heavy attacks or battles, you need to think quickly and act fast. Maybe, you are in a situation where throwing a grenade simply without making a strategy is better (when you know the position of your enemy).

Players can choose from a variety of throwables to fits their needs in the game. The grenades blast and kill the enemies instantly, and you can blind players by using a flash. Smokes make covers so your enemies cannot see you if you are crossing the area. Moreover, Molotov burns the area into flames and keeps opponents from moving into a certain area. Regardless of where you’re aiming your utilities, it’s important to use the right one at the correct spot according to the scenario.

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