Is Gang Beasts Cross-Platform? (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox, Nintendo)

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The Gang beasts is one of the most popular talking games in the past few years. Released in 2014 on PC, on PS4 in 2017, and on Xbox One console in 2019, this multiplayer game with sloppy characters doing odd activities has become so famous, and maybe no one had thought it could be. Even though it’s been released on all leading platforms, the Nintendo Switch has not been able to get its hands on the game so far. Maybe, the developers will launch it on Switch as well in the future. The one common question that game lovers usually ask about this game “Is Gang Beasts cross-platform? Is there any support for Gang Beasts crossplay?” This article explains this and provides a detailed answer to this question.

Cross-platform is a feature that enables the game to be playable across different platforms. If you are on PC and your friend is on PlayStation, Xbox, or even on Nintendo Switch, you can play together if a particular game has crossplay support. To put it another way, no matter which hardware and operating systems both of you have, you can join as a team in the game.

For now, the cross-platform is a top ask by the gamers, and they want this functionality in every major demanding game. The reason is that the players want to play with their friends regardless of the platforms they are on (PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox, or Switch). Crossplay support is essential for all multiplayer games where gamers join each other to play as a team or even in the opponent squad. Thankfully, an increasing number of game developers are making games available across many platforms, so players have great fun with their fellows.

A Brief Intro to Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts is a popular multiplayer beat ’em up party game developed and released by Double Fine Productions. Considering the gameplay, when a player uses his character’s combat tactics to immobilize or kill other players, their score decreases accordingly. You can also pick weapons and health kits, which you can find across the map, and strike the players with these firearms.

A Brief Intro to Gang Beasts Game

Why is Gang Beasts so hot right now? What makes this game so unique is that it is so simple: a group of vibrant, squishy figures fighting to the death in various dangerous situations. Located in Beef City, the game is based on ludicrous battle scenes without any superfluous narrative, rivalry amongst gamers, and even within the same squad.

Gamers can personalize their character greatly and combat their mates for long sessions. Whatever character you choose, the Gang Beasts’ controls remain consistent. Because of this, the fans may wonder about the Gang Beasts cross-platform. They want to know whether they can play across various platforms, such as the PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox One. Without much delay, let’s have a look if Gang Beasts has crossplay compatibility or not.

Is Gang Beasts Cross-Platform in 2022?

There is no crossplay support in Gang Beasts so far, and this is something that makes its enthusiasts sad. Because the game is available on different platforms, the lack of this feature does not allow the players to play across these platforms. They can only play together if all of them have the same systems.

Gang Beasts Cross-Platform is not available so far in 2022

The game’s multiplayer mode is quite successful, and it’s hard to imagine anything good than participating in such bizarre actions with a group of people. A large part of the game’s success can be attributed to its multiplayer.

However, there is news to joy for everyone. The developers have stated that they will implement the cross-platform feature in the future update. But, it will not bring functionality to all the platforms. We will see some limitations in the early stage. It does not matter; we will at least get this necessary feature in the game, but we don’t know how much more time remains.

Remember, it is not as simple as we may think to include cross-platform compatibility in the game. Because this process requires solid efforts and a considerable amount of money, hearing this news may be a positive sign for all those eagerly waiting and looking at the developers to include the cross multiplayer element into the Gang Beasts.

Is Gang Beasts Cross-Platform Xbox and PC?

Sadly, there has been no cross-platform for Gang Beasts between Xbox One and PC till now. But we have heard that the developers are working on it and will introduce the support in the next update. So wait for the future update and hope to see Gang Beasts crossplay functionality.

If you are on PC and your friend is the on Xbox console, this feature will allow you to play across these platforms. It means different players from both platforms could join the exact match. It will be a lot of fun because the hurdles will be removed between the systems, and you will be free to play with your friends.

Is Gang Beasts Cross-Platform Xbox and PS4?

As previously discussed in the case of PC and Xbox One, it is not allowed to play between Xbox and PS4 consoles. It simply means that you and your friends should have the same Xbox or PS4/PS5 consoles if you want to enjoy the action together in the game. The PlayStation and Xbox communities will have to remain isolated for the time being until Double Fine Productions can develop a universal solution.

Is Gang Beasts Cross-Platform PC and PS4?

Unfortunately, if you have purchased a PS4 for yourself but wish to play Gang Beasts with your fellow who has a PC, you can not play. For now, there is no cross-platform in the game for any platform. However, the new update will bring this feature for PC and Xbox One users but sadly not for the PS4 consoles.

The reason why the games don’t have crossplay functionality for PlayStation consoles is due to the limitations of the Sony company. Sony put restrictions on their consoles, and PlayStation users can not be able to play with other players who are on different platforms. Only PS4 and PS5 users can play with each other.

Is Gang Beasts Cross-Platform PS4 and PS5?

Yes, there is cross-platform functionality for Gang Beasts across the PS4 and PS5. This support lets you have some fun in the game with your friends, no matter if all of you are playing on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation5. Sony allows its players to play across PlayStation platforms but not across other systems such as PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

There is only a single version of the game which you can run on both PS4 and PS5. The advanced PS5 console has not received a separate release of the game. The backward compatibility functionality enables the previous console version of the game to run on the latest one as perfectly as it is on the older system. Even you will feel the same gameplay experience on the newer console.

Is Gang Beasts Cross-Platform Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S?

As these are the same gaming consoles from the same company, you can play the game with each other due to Gang Beasts crossplay availability between Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. There is no separate or specific game release for Xbox Series X/S. But because of the backward compatibility feature, the Xbox One version of the game is also playable on the newer consoles. The game runs as smoothly as it is on the older version. You may see better performance on the latest devices and have a much-improved experience.

Why Gang Beasts is not Crossplay?

Reason of not having crossplay in Gang Beasts

Having the ability to play on multiple platforms is an odd element in video games. Cross-play support is possible since all games should operate on any platform with only a minimal modification to the coding.

However, it necessitates the spending of both time and cost. There is no good reason for the developer to put in additional efforts on a product they have already completed and launched. Isn’t it going to raise their costs?

If things are not complicated enough, the console owners may impose license charges if developers need to add cross-play functionality on their platforms. As a result, this compatibility comes at an additional expense. So, that is not very easy for the developers to make the game cross-platform.

Final Words

Over time, Gang Beasts has become one of the best-known and most popular party games, with fans and newcomers expressing their love for it. The developers will include cross-platform support in the upcoming update for PC and Xbox. But sad to say, the PS4 and PS5 console players will not get this functionality. It means the players of PC and Xbox platforms will be able to play with each other, but PS4 and PS5 gamers can only play with each other, not with those on different systems.

Hopefully, this article on “Is Gang Beasts cross-platform?” has answered your question and cleared your doubts.

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