Is Rocket League Cross Platform? All You Need To Know

Are you here to know Is Rocket League Cross Platform or Not? You are at the correct place. It’s a quick and detailed guide about the Rocket League crossplay.

Rocket League is a very interesting game to play with friends and the good thing is that it’s totally free to play. Most of the players prefer the competitive side of the game, although some feel comfortable teasing their friends.

The game is not too difficult to take full control of it and become a good player. You need to knock a big ball in the goal of your opponents by driving a car. In the end, the team which makes most goals and scores higher wins the match. Why this game is really fun to play is because of its easiness and gameplay. You don’t require too much practice and time to master this game.

It also serves a variety of systems. The Rocket League crossplay is one of the main reasons for the huge popularity and ongoing engagement of the gamers in this game. Today, we are here to give you the answer to the most demanding question “Is Rocket League cross-platform?” We will also tell you some limitations across this cross platform support.

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Is Rocket League Cross Platform?

The simple and straightforward answer is yes, there is crossplay support available in the game. The players are able to play together with their friends across different platforms because of Rocket League cross platform option availability. If the crossplay option is disabled accidentally, you don’t need to worry, it’s very simple to re-enable this functionality again.

Rocket League game is compatible with Xbox One, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch consoles. Using Steam or Epic Games store, the Rocket League PC players can also play together with other people on different systems and consoles. The players from different systems join the same match. It means if you are playing online or maybe you’re on the PC but other players in your match can be on other platforms as well.

How to play Rocket League cross platform?

If you are not able to play with your friends on different platforms and systems, it means your cross-platform option is not enabled yet. The first thing you need to do is enable the option from the game menu.

The Rocket League crossplay option is enabled by default. But it’s better to check it first and maybe sometimes it accidentally got disabled. If you just want to play with others on the same platform on which you are playing then you don’t need this option.

To check or enable this feature, start your game and navigate to Settings of the game from the Main Menu. In the Settings section, find the Gameplay tab, then check the Cross-Platform Play box. Now, the crossplay feature is enabled on your system and you can play with your friends on different platforms as well.

The players can participate in public or private matches with their friends on certain systems or devices. To play in the private lobby, from the Main Menu, click on Play and then Private Match. You can even join another lobby or make your own, the friends are able to enter the lobby no matter on which platforms they are.

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Rocket League Cross Platform Limitations

When we talk about playing the game with friends, this game completely supports crossplay. But there are certain variations within the console versions that you need to know to avoid any confusion. One of them and the main one is the chat. Neither in-game voice chat nor type conversation works between the different systems. However, Psyonix enables instant chat throughout all devices, allowing players to convey messages to their friends rapidly.

Moreover, the Armadillo and Hogsticker vehicles are only available on the Xbox One. In the same way, the Sweet Tooth is only available on PlayStation 4. The Rocket League PC players will recognize Armadillo and Hogsticker autos as Octane while the Sweet Tooth will be referred to as Merc.

Even though your friends are on separate platforms, you won’t be able to trade or exchange stuff with them. But this feature is available for the same platforms, you can trade the items within the same system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you play Rocket League cross-platform?

Yes, there is a cross platform Rocket League support exists. You can enjoy this game with other buddies on several platforms such as PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It means if you are a PC player and want to give a challenge to someone who is on PS4 or Xbox, the game permits you to do this.

Q. How can I play Rocket League on PC with Xbox?

To enjoy the crossplay feature of this game, cross-platform play should need to be enabled in the settings of your game. Here is how to enable that:

  • Launch the game and head over to the Main Menu>>Options.
  • From that, select the Gameplay option.
  • You can see that there is a Cross-Platform Play box, check the box if it is not already ticked.

That’s all you need to do and then you can play with players who are on other platforms.

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