PUBG Crossplay: How To Play With Friends On PS4 And Xbox

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Cross-platform gaming is now becoming more prevalent, and PUBG is also one of those games allowing crossplay options. The most famous record-breaking Battle Royale game allows its fans to play on different platforms (PS4, Xbox) with their friends and try to get a Winner Winner! Chicken Dinner. Hope to see the crossplay feature come up more frequently as the latest console versions progress. We’ve had PUBG crossplay for quite some time, and having the opportunity to play with your friends regardless of different platforms and get a “Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner” gives an amazing feel. So, let’s talk about Is PUBG crossplay? If yes, how we can use this feature.

How to Enable PUBG Crossplay

It’s easy to enable PUBG crossplay across PS4 and Xbox One. Your friend list contains four different tabs. The very first list, titled “Platform,” displays your current available friends on the platform you’re currently using.

is PUBG crossplay Xbox and PS4
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One other PUBG list is available, which you can customize by adding friends from many different channels. You just need to type a person’s name and start following them. After you follow them, they’ll also start appearing on your list.

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The next section lists all of the players you’ve played with them in your recent matches. If you would like, you can also connect with them and add them to your friend list. If you had matched with the best player and terrific teammate in your recent match, maybe you are thinking about playing with him again. Fortunately, you have the option to invite and follow that player. See it below:

is pubg cross platform xbox and ps4
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You can invite any of your friends or teammates from your friend list and you are able to play PUBG cross platform Xbox and PS4.

Is PUBG Cross Platform Xbox and PS4?

People of one system are able to join a group made up of players from another console. They’ll need to join one another from their PUBG list section.

Players were allowed to interact with one another only in a match. But they weren’t able to talk with each other in the lobby, in the 6.2 version update.

Stadia gamers that use controllers are now capable of playing with Xbox One and PS4 members after the 7.1 updates had taken place.

Cross-platform play is, though, restricted to Xbox One, PS4, and Stadia people who use controllers. PUBG crossplay with PC gamers appears to be a long shot. This is due to the fact that PC players get an edge on controller users.

PUBG PC Crossplay

There is no surprise that PUBG is the most famous game on PC rather than on consoles because of a number of factors. There are so many PC gamers who’d love the chance to collaborate with their console mates, so is there a PUBG crossplay PC option available?

Sadly, the answer is certainly no. The servers for PUBG PC and PUBG consoles are totally separate, the game variants are also distinct and also get updates on separate occasions. No one will deny the fact that PC players get a significant edge due to the usage of mouse and keyboard and game’s functionality.

If you’re hoping that the PUBG cross platform would eventually involve PC players, I believe you’ll remain unhappy. It’s rarely the case, and given that PUBG crossplay across consoles has been authorized for some time, it’s unlikely to alter overnight.

Such limitation on PC-to-console crossplay also applies to Stadia. As a result, PC players will not be able to connect with pals who are on Stadia.

Conclusion: Is PUBG Cross Platform?

So, that’s all from our side. I hope you have learned everything about the PUBG Mobile cross-platform feature and how to use this PUBG crossplay option in the consoles (PS4 and Xbox). But it’s not possible to play with your friends who are on the consoles if you are using a PC.

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