Windows 11: How to Remove Chat from Taskbar

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This article will explain different methods to remove chat from the taskbar in Windows 11.

The long-awaited Windows 11 has finally arrived, and it’s a significant upgrade for free for anyone running Windows 10. With Windows 11, Microsoft has integrated the Teams application into the taskbar, making it an integral operating system component. Further, Microsoft suggests that businesses and educational institutions should get the complete version of Microsoft Teams.

It is a valuable feature for Microsoft Teams users, but it has little practical value for people who are not already familiar with it and don’t have any concerns with this tool. The new Microsoft app you can see as a taskbar icon is included in the system primarily for businesses for meetings and conversations, but regular people don’t bother with it. However, there appears to be no simple method to uninstall this Chat app from your computer’s taskbar. If you can not tolerate it any longer, here is a guide on how to remove Chat from Windows 11 taskbar.

How to Remove Chat from Windows 11 Taskbar

Additional features and improvements abound in Windows 11; you are free to use them however you see fit. One helpful feature is the Chat icon, which Windows 11 lets users pin directly to the taskbar. You may access Microsoft Teams quickly and conveniently with a click on the Chat app. However, you may eliminate the Teams icon if you don’t utilize the program or prefer not to have it on the taskbar.

We have discussed a few methods below to remove Chat icon in Windows 11. We’ve given brief step-by-step guides for each way, you can perform the desired task by using any approach you would prefer.

Windows 11: Remove Chat from Taskbar Using Settings

Just follow these simple steps to remove the chat icon on Windows 11:

  • Go to Settings by either pressing Windows + I or from the Start menu.
  • After you enter Settings, move to the Personalization tab from the list of options.
  • In the Personalization menu, you can see the Taskbar option Click on it to open its sub-menu setting options.
  • From this menu, look for the Chat icon and then toggle the option to Off to disable by clicking on it.

After that, you may return to these settings at any moment to once again activate the app by clicking the toggle button to turn it on.

You can also use the Windows Search Bar to access the settings directly. Type Taskbar Settings in the search to head over to the taskbar options and then turn off the Chat app.

Remove Chat App Simply from Taskbar

To get rid of the Chat feature directly from the taskbar, you can do it in two different ways.

The first way is to right-click the Windows 11 taskbar and then click on the Taskbar Settings from the given list of options. After reaching the settings, toggle Off the button to remove the Chat icon.

The second option is more superficial and straightforward: right-click on the Chat app icon and select the Hide from Taskbar, which will immediately remove it from the Windows taskbar. And that’s all, you have successfully eliminated the icon, and now you have extra space on your taskbar to add something else.


Why Microsoft Added Chat Icon to Windows 11 Taskbar?

Including a Chat icon in Windows 11’s taskbar is an attempt to increase the adoption of Microsoft Teams. Microsoft has now been working on expanding Teams’ usability among users and organizations. To provide quicker access to Microsoft Teams program, the Chat icon has been included. When enabled, Windows 11’s Chat feature can be used as a gateway to Microsoft Teams for instant messaging and phone conversations.

How Can I Use the Windows 11 Chat?

You can open the Chat app directly by clicking on the taskbar’s icon. But if you have eliminated the icon from the bar, you can even open and use it by pressing the Windows + C keys instantly. Select Continue if this is your first occasion launching the Chat feature.

Don’t do anything else till the software has finished its initial setup once you hit Continue. When the setup is complete, choose the Get started button, select the account you’d like to link your Teams to, and enter your login details when prompted. After logging into the application, you’ll have access to everything the Chat app offers.

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