AirPods Won’t Turn On? Here’s How to Turn On AirPods

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It’s frustrating enough to cope with connectivity troubles, although when your AirPods won’t turn on, it’s a whole new level of stupid thing. Nonetheless, there are certain things you may attempt to bring life back to your dead AirPods before you start searching for brand-new earphones.

The information on this page is relevant to all versions of AirPods and AirPods Pro. Unfortunately, some of the solutions provided here won’t work with AirPods Max due to hardware differences.

Why Won’t My AirPods Turn On?

Your AirPods may cease operating at any time, and if your AirPods are not turning on or stop connecting, you will have to figure out the issue and troubleshoot to check and fix it. This problem may have several causes, such as:

  • The AirPods batteries are not able to keep their juice. Maybe, the battery life is poor.
  • Your charging cable may have completed its life span and it’s maybe time to get a new Lightning cord.
  • There was a problem with the battery in the charging case.
  • Problems with AirPods charge since they don’t connect properly with the case.
  • Whether the AirPods or their charging case have suffered hardware injury.
  • Maybe, a software upgrade is required for your gadget.

So, all of these can be the actual cause of why your AirPods not turning on. Now is the time to apply some fixes to solve the problem.

Here’s How to Turn On AirPods?

The fact that your AirPods won’t turn on does not always indicate their demise. If your AirPods suddenly stop functioning, you may only need to perform a few troubleshooting methods before they usually start to work.

Examine AirPods Battery

You must check the status of the batteries in your AirPods before proceeding. While there could be other causes, a poor or misbehaving battery is probably the biggest problem. It would be best to charge your AirPods by placing them in the case and connecting them to a power source (typically a USB charger or port). It is recommended to use a USB charger specifically designed for the iPhone or iPad or to connect the charging case to a Mac so that the batteries get charged quickly.

Make Sure Your Lightning Charge Cable is Working

It’s crucial to ensure that your Lightning cable is in excellent condition if you use this for charging your AirPod batteries. In particular, it may break if you use a non-Apple charging cable for much longer. That is because your charging cable is possibly damaged due to excessive use or rough treatment. That’s why customers are encouraged to use Apple-designed power cords, as they are created to be fully compatible with all Apple products.

Check the Charging Case

Charge the charging case while AirPods are not placed in it to analyze if this case is the source of the problem. To get three hours of use out of your AirPods while listening to the audio, the batteries need only 15 minutes of charging. If these conditions are met, the case has no problem.

Clean the Dirt or Dust Out of Your AirPods

Get rid of any dust on your device before plugging it in to charge. The charging of your AirPods is contingent on the proper interaction between the case and the AirPod’s silver tips. To ensure a smooth insertion, you should start by wiping down your AirPods and their charging case. Put the AirPods in the charging case, but something’s wrong if you do not notice a pleasant magnetic snap. The silver tips of your AirPods or the case itself may be faulty.

Do a Software Update Check

After verifying that there is no physical damage to the AirPods, the trouble may be with the software, which is not letting the AirPods turn on. If you can’t power on your AirPods, you cannot know if they have received the latest firmware update from Apple. A device update might be the answer to your problem, though. Your iOS version must be 12.2 or later, and your macOS version must be 10.14.4 or later for this to work.

Your AirPods Won’t Turn On Still? It’s Time to Contact Apple

After trying all possible troubleshooting steps, if your AirPods are still not turning on, you must call the experts by reaching out to Apple company. If the device’s warranty duration remains, Apple will probably replace the AirPods with brand-new or the company may claim the charging case. Maybe, you will receive both new ones.

How do I Force My AirPods to Turn On?

Sometimes, for whatever reason, your AirPods won’t power on. Apple has designed the AirPod, so turning them on requires simultaneously pressing the Digital Crown and the Noise Control Button on the right earpiece. You must keep holding the buttons for about 15 seconds so that the status light next to the charging point changes from blinking amber to blinking white.

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