Things to Look for in the Best Phone for Gaming

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The rise of online casino games in recent years has made the invention of gaming phones possible. Gaming phones are easy to use and also portable. If you love games and want to experience the more advanced features when playing your games, then you are in the right place!

With thousands of gaming phones in the market, choosing the best phone for gaming may be hectic.

This article highlights the things to look for in the best gaming phone. Keep reading!

1. The Processor

It is crucial to look at the Processor as it will determine how fast your gaming phone will be. It also makes the gaming phone different from the regular phone. You’ll not want a gaming phone that’s not instantaneous.

You can use high-end processors such as MediaTek’s Dimensity 9000 range and Snapdragon 8 series. Gaming phones such as the Asus ROG Phone 6D use MediaTek Dimensity 9000 plus Processor.

You can also go for the midrange processor such as Dimensity 500 series and Snapdragon 6 and 7 series. In addition, ensure you also check the transistor size with a measurement in nanometers (nm).

The smaller the size of the transistor, the higher the performance because when the transistor size is smaller, the silicon makers fit more in a chip resulting in increased performance.

2. Memory and Storage

Besides the Processor, it is also essential to check the gaming phone’s memory and storage as it will determine the types of games you’ll play. Most games increase with size on each version and update and can occupy over 1GB on installation. The intermediate storage should be at least 128GB and the memory 8GB.

Furthermore, you can go for a gaming phone with an internal storage of 215GB, 256GB, or 1TB. This helps you store more games at a go.

3. Cooling

Cooling is a crucial thing to look at because when the Processor is carrying out heavy duty, it may overheat the phone and interfere with its feature. Therefore, you need good cooling.

Most gaming phones have internal cooling mechanisms, while others have external cooling fun. For instance, Asus ROG Phone 5 Ultimate has an additional AeroActive Cooler 5 clip.

You can also know if a gaming phone has good cooling by reading some reviews on trustworthy sources.

4. Battery Capacity and Charging Speed

Every gamer would not want a phone that shuts down when they are in the middle of their game only because of low battery capacity. That’s why you’ll need a phone that has good battery capacity.

In addition, look for gaming phones with at least 4500mAh or more which will provide enough battery juice for your games.

It would help if you also considered charging speed. You don’t want delays in waiting long hours to resume your game. A gaming phone should have at least 30W charging. Some phones have up to 120W charging speed, which can charge a phone in 15 minutes!

5. Touch Response Time

Another essential thing to look for in the best phones for gaming is touch response time. You’ll want to win a game even if the screen touch response is slow. Therefore, ensure that the particular gaming phone you want has a higher touch response time.

An average screen touch sampling rate should have at least 240Hz. Moreover, some gaming phones like Nubia Red Magic 7 Pro have the highest touch sampling rate of 960Hz.

6. Shoulder Buttons

Shoulder buttons are crucial as they enable you to tap your screen easily with a small mesh pad when the trigger weakens. Some gaming phones come with shoulder triggers, such as Black Shark and Asus ROG series, while others don’t.

7. Headphone Jack

It is crucial to see if the best phone for gaming has a headphone jack. Most gamers prefer wired headphones over wireless ones because they are faster than wireless ones. You’ll not want to lose a match only because of using a headphone that was not fast.


How you choose your gaming phone will determine your playing experience and skills. Above, we have discussed the things to look for in the best gaming phone to help you choose the right phone.

In addition, selecting the best phone will give you a good gaming experience and sharpen your skills in becoming a game expert.

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