Multiplayer Games: Your Best Source Of Entertainment

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You’re at home, and it’s a rainy day. What’s the best way to spend your time? Well, most people would say watching TV or surfing the internet. But if you need to find a way to kill some time and have some fun, why not play an online multiplayer game?

That’s what we thought too! We’ve compiled a list of the best multiplayer games on the internet for you to enjoy.

1- League of Legends

League of Legends is a multiplayer game in which you can play 5 v 5 games with other players. You can choose a team, pick your champion, and then play the game. It’s pretty fun when you want to play with friends, but the gameplay is not very technical (if you ask me), so it would be best just for casual games.

The best Vi jungle path starts with Vi killing the Blue Buff using Denting Blows at level one. Once she has reached level two, she unlocks Excessive Force, which deals more damage to targets with higher health. Vi Jungle is an easy clear that doesn’t require any min-maxing to reach the Scuttler in time. Both Krugs and Group can be done if you are confident in reaching the scuttle crab before the other team. Pro players like to do both camps if they are confident.

2- World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is a great game for those who play games with a large, and ongoing, storyline. You can choose to join the Alliance, or you can choose the Horde. Whichever you choose, there are many places to explore within that function depending on what your character class is. The gameplay is fast-paced and makes the player find the right balance between attacking your enemy’s base and managing your resources. It’s very strategic! Personally, WoW is one of my favorite MMORPGs out there.

2- Call of Duty: WWII

Call of Duty: WWII Best Multiplayer Game

Do you like playing World War 2 games? If so, then Call of Duty: WWII should be your choice for sure! Their multiplayer mode is complete with new maps and game modes never seen in the series. The new Warrior feature gives you more options for playing the game, and it’s just an excellent overall game. With its great graphics, fantastic gameplay, and awesome multiplayer modes, Call of Duty: WWII is undoubtedly another one of our favorites.

3- Halo 5: Guardians

The fourth installment of the Halo series is the most popular one for many good reasons. It features a great story, multiplayer mode, and impressive graphics when it came out in 2015. However, its price has fluctuated since then, so you better get it while it’s cheap! It’s a must-try game for FPS lovers out there.

4- Overwatch

Overwatch is a multiplayer FPS game that requires teamwork (though sometimes you can be a solo player too). The game was released in 2016, and since then, it’s been constantly updated with new characters and maps. It’s pretty fun and addictive! But what I like most about it is the variety of characters you can choose from, each with a unique set of abilities to help you defeat your enemies.

5- GTA V Online

GTA V Online

For better or for worse, this sandbox game will always keep you entertained at all times. The single-player mode is great, but its online portion is also one to remember. With so many different game modes, maps, and characters to pick from, it’s hard not to fall in love with this game! The amount of stuff you can do in GTA V is insane!

6- Monster Hunter World

This game is hunting’s most popular multiplayer, and it doesn’t leave any room for doubt. Monster Hunter World is a monster-hunting RPG game with an online multiplayer mode. This time, however, the monsters are real – genuine. You can freely encounter different monsters in and around the game world, fight them on your own or with a team, and then level up your Hunter if you’re able to defeat it. It’s an entertaining game to play with your friends at home or while traveling!

7- Fortnite

The Battle Royale Multiplayer Game Fortnite

This Battle Royale game is all about teamwork and coordination. You can have fun playing with your friends but be prepared for being kicked out of the game if you don’t coordinate well enough with the other players of your team. It’s a free-for-all game which means each person will have their map version.

8-Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves can hardly be called an ideal game. The scenario feels pretty poor and obvious, and the world is not too deep as it should be in a sea story. However, nothing can compare to its pirating gameplay. Just imagine that you need to make a crew of 3-4 people (one to steer, one on sails, one on cannons, and someone on patching) and lead your ship together to the fights with other crews. It’s fantastic indeed! This game is a must-try for you to have fun with your friends.

9-Dota 2

This is one of the most popular multiplayer games with many different game modes and characters to choose from. In this game, you will be able to play a team-based game that can be fun, especially if you have friends playing with you. The gameplay itself is a bit old, but it’s still great to get back into it occasionally.


UNO is another best online multiplayer game

This is a classic card game with cards for all ages! It’s great to play with friends or family in the living room, and it also works as an excellent way to kill time when you have nothing else to do. When it comes to multiplayer games, this is our favorite one!

Bottom Line

Multiplayer games are getting more popular every day, and it makes sense why. There are some great games coming soon and is one of them. These games are fun, addictive, and perfect for sharing with your close ones. As already said in this article, there is no better way to spend a rainy day at home than playing some of the best multiplayer games out there!

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