What Is Twitch And Why Is The Game Streaming Service So Popular In 2022?

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Twitch has come to the fore of the gaming community and is set to continue its reign in 2022, but what is it, and why is the service creating such a buzz? We cover everything you need to know below.

What is Twitch?

Ok, first things first: Twitch is a live streaming service that is focused entirely on video gaming. It was founded ten years ago and is now owned by Amazon; the platform attracts millions of viewers worldwide every month, and there is now the facility for gamers to receive commissions on sales that are a direct result of their viewed gaming. Twitch is now widely regarded as the market leader in live game streaming.

Why Is Twitch So Popular?

So what is it about Twitch that has kept fans, viewers, and streamers coming back?


One of the keys to Twitch’s ever-growing popularity is its high level of accessibility. It can be accessed from most locations in the world and uses a wide variety of devices, including mobile devices. It’s easy to use, and there are now even consoles available that have dedicated Twitch inbuilt streaming capacity.

Variety of Content

The might of Twitch – due in no small part to its affiliation with Amazon – enables it to offer viewers a huge variety of streaming content that is constantly updated. There are so many categories on offer that, no matter what your gaming or streaming taste is, you are sure to find a plethora of content to enjoy every day.

Focus on Streaming

Twitch has also kept its focus firmly on live game streaming and has not allowed its raison d’etre to be diminished. This has been crucial to its success, as it’s known as, and respected for being, a serious streaming platform that is dedicated to being the best in class. This focus is reflected in Twitch’s concern to make their streaming provision as high quality as possible – there is not the distraction that could come from diversifying into different markets.

This quality covers everything from the type of content on offer to the visual and audio aspects of the streaming. Music is a fundamental part of the live game streaming experience; if you’re a game developer looking for royalty-free video game music to enhance your creation, have a look here for a wide range of songs that can be easily incorporated into your project. Best of all, this music can be added to your game app or your Twitch feed to take it to the next level and attract new viewers.

Twitch Prime

Twitch’s affiliation to Amazon means that it offers a Twitch Prime membership which unlocks exclusive benefits. These include a free monthly Twitch channel subscription and a selection of free games every month. Members also have access to free in-game goodies and exclusive emoticons, including KappaHD; expanded chat color options and a members-only chat badge are also thrown in for good measure.

Benefits to Streamers

Game streamers find that Twitch offers huge benefits in terms of the opportunities the platforms can open up. Many of those streaming regularly have found Twitch to be an enjoyable way to earn some extra income, while some of the most popular and widely viewed streamers have found considerable fame and fortune as a result of their activities on the platform.

Twitch also serves to community build: it connects gamers worldwide and was an important way of maintaining social links, for many people, during the pandemic.

Supports Good Causes

And last but not least, Twitch as a platform is keen to support and raise awareness of various charitable causes; the Twitch community, to date, has raised over $75 for more than one hundred individual charities – this ethos has helped the platform to both attract and maintain its audience.

How Twitch Has Affected the Gaming Industry

Twitch has fundamentally altered the gaming industry over the last decade. Advertising games can now be easily and organically done simply by having new products played on the streaming platform, thereby reaching an audience of millions. Different streamers can target specific demographics, so gaming studios can get their game in front of the people who are most likely to buy it.

Game developers regularly use Twitch as a vital resource to gather data and insight into what’s working well for the gaming community and to get ideas for the direction and development of future products. Further, a Twitch affiliate can link their viewers to other non-gaming forums that are relevant to them, such as those relating to music, how-to guides, or political commentary.

What’s Next For Twitch?

With Twitch’s popularity soaring, there is no doubt that the platform will continue to evolve and grow and offer new services and opportunities for both viewers and streamers alike over the next year. Next in the pipeline is reported to be a move into increasingly interactive live streaming and that will sit in a niche between the worlds of live gaming and tv. Whatever the future holds for Twitch, it’s sure to be a bright one.

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