Your Android Phone Not Charging? Don’t Panic And Try These Fixes

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Slow WiFi and a low battery are some of the most annoying scenarios for anyone. And it can get worse if your phone not charging. It is easy to get frustrated when you need to go online or make a call, and your phone is not charging. But we recommend you to keep calm and diagnose the reason for the mobile charging problem.

Your Phone Not Charging? Try These Fixes

We are providing a list of possible reasons behind why your mobile phone not charging and their solutions.

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1. Restart & Reboot

Your first step should be to switch it off, restart it, reboot it, and see if it’s working. Sometimes due to a technical hiccup, the smartphone’s regular operations get hampered. Rebooting provides a chance for all the functions to restart themselves correctly.

2. Check Third-Party Apps

Sometimes the third-party apps are responsible for a technical glitch why your phone not charging. You can check this by closing all the third-party apps and restarting your phone in safe mode. If the problem resolves by doing that, one of your apps is troubling you.

3. Check Socket & Charging Port

Check for dust or lint in the electrical sockets and your smartphone’s charging port. You can blow air and use an old toothbrush or toothpick to clear any dust over there, which might hamper the charge of your phone.

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4. Do a Hard Reset

Secure your data somewhere and turn on the hard reset. But you should take this step once you’ve tried restarting and rebooting your phone. Or when you can’t decide if the phone not charging problem is related to hardware or software.

5. Check the Fault in Charger or Socket

It might be a case that your phone is alright, but the problem is with your electrical socket. Check if it is working as a power source for other things. Also, check the adaptor and cable of the charger. Get a new original charger if your charger is not working.

6. Check for Updates in OS

There might be a problem with your current OS. Any bug in the software can prevent the charging icon from showing you that your phone is charging. Update your OS if it’s pending and check if your phone is charging but not showing it.

7. Dry Your Phone First If Dropped in the Water

You should never put your phone down if you’ve dropped it in the water. We are not saying that there are no hopes for your phone now. But you need to dry it for a day at least before putting it on the charger. You can use a hairdryer or put your phone in a rice bowl to dry it faster. You can check out some tips about how to save your wet phone.

8. Using High-Graphic App or Playing Game While Charging

You can’t complain about your phone not charging if you are draining its battery out faster than getting charged. Using high-graphic apps and charging your phone when doing gaming sessions will drain out a lot of battery from your phone. Thus you might not see the progress in charging. Put your phone to rest for some time and then check if it’s charging or not.

9. Get a New Smartphone

If there is a problem with your current smartphone’s battery, you might need to get a new phone. Smartphone batteries are generally non-removable. Thus you can’t do anything about it. However, you can buy smartphones from the market, so the expense will hopefully be manageable for you.

Conclusion: Phone Not Charging

We understand that your world comes to a standstill without your smartphone. But panicking is never a solution. Instead, follow all the steps mentioned above if your phone is not charging. Also, check if your charger is working or not. Finally, if the mobile charging problem persists after taking all these steps, get yourself a new phone!

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