What is the Best Display Resolution for a Gaming Laptop?

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If you have been enjoying playing online games on your current laptop, you might be thinking that your current display has the most suitable resolution. Well, it is not easy to identify what exact resolution you need for a perfect gaming experience. Moreover, it could be overwhelming to upgrade your present display resolution with a lot of options available. But, you may often ask how screen resolution affects performance.

Since the gaming market is flourishing every day and introducing the latest games every couple of hours, you should always look forward to updating your laptop’s specifications to fulfill the demands of your games.

In this guide, I will take you through various display resolution options, amongst which you can pick to thrive your gaming experience.

List of Display Resolutions for Gaming Laptops

Probably, there are three options you would get in the best laptop display you can choose for high-end gameplay. Each option delivers both benefits and pitfalls. Besides, the higher the resolution, the pricier the laptop you get. Therefore, I have compared these three choices to help you make the ultimate decision.

1920 x 1080p Full HD Display

This is the most common and popular display resolution in most gaming laptops. Usually, this resolution option comes mostly in 15-inch gaming laptops at a mid-range price. In this display, the graphics are clear and sharp enough to engage the gamer while playing online video games. Well, 1080p laptops are usually for playing classic games. Yet, to get a top-of-the-line gaming experience you should move a bit ahead.

2560 x 1440p Quad HD Display (2K)

Currently, the Quad HD screen resolution is getting more common in gaming laptops that lie between a mediocre 1080p and 4K display to deliver more fascinating visuals without spending thousands of dollars. The 2K display is considered ideal for average gamers who want better graphics in a budget-friendly way.

 3840 x 2160p Ultra HD Screen Display (4K)

If you are a hardcore and professional gamer, you would definitely love to play games on a 4K UHD display. This display option is found to be pretty expensive and is only picked by professional gamers. Nevertheless, if you are an intermediate player, it is not suggested to make this huge investment. I expect that the standard resolution for most games will be 4K in the future.

7680 × 4320p Full Ultra HD Resolution (8K)

Here comes the beast that would blow your mind by delivering amazing graphical results. With this display type, you will experience extra-virgin image quality. Unfortunately, most modern games demand a maximum of 4K resolution right now, so it won’t be worthwhile to spend extravagant amounts on it. As of now, there is no prediction of 8K resolution to become common in the gaming industry for a few years.

Consider Another Crucial Side: Aspect Ratio

A laptop’s display does not count the resolution only, but there is another element that depicts the perfect display. Aspect ratio is the ratio of an image from width to height that is denoted in the form of a ratio. The most common aspect ratio of gaming machines is 16:9, which is considered widescreen. However, several players even prefer to play games on ultra-wide displays with 21:9 or even higher with a 32:9 aspect ratio. So, how does this aspect ratio affect the performance of your gameplay along with the resolution?

Well, an ultra-wide display with a 21:9 screen has become more in demand than widescreen displays because it gives you an enhanced gameplay experience. yet, you may find some pros and cons of an ultra-wide gaming laptop display:


  • A broader viewing area for competitive gameplay.
  • More screen space to execute multiple tasks.
  • Boosted cinematic results for watching movies, video editing, and playing games.


  • Slight poor performance due to increased number of pixels.
  • Highly expensive.

The Best Gaming Laptop Display to Pick

As far as the main question is concerned; what is an ideal gaming laptop resolution, I have summed up my research and come to the end that each resolution type varies as per the user demand. It totally depends upon the user’s personal preferences. Therefore, you can choose either of the resolution options if:

  • If you prefer performance over visuals and budget is your main concern, then a 1080p FHD display is the perfect option for you.
  • If you are seeking to update the graphics of your laptop in an affordable manner, then go for the 2K QHD display.
  • If you are a professional player and want to invest in something worthwhile to get monstrous performance as well as graphics, don’t look beyond 4K UHD resolution.

Gaming laptops with high resolution deliver excellent performance along with visuals to add more spice to your gaming experience. However, the choice totally depends upon your demands and budget respectively.

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