What are the Ways to Delete Multiple Contacts on iPhone?

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It is simple to delete contacts from your iPhone, regardless of whether you have ended a relationship, lost your job, or no longer require the number of your previous plumber. Are you aware of how to delete multiple contacts on your iPhone?  If you are unsure, we are not to blame. Previously, logging into iCloud required selecting names and numbers to delete from your iPhone, making the process more complicated. Oddly, this relatively brief update has taken so long to become available. However, we are pleased that it is here, and we will demonstrate its operation in detail below.

Deleting Process

It’s important to note that this feature can only delete groups of contacts next to each other. In contrast, in iOS Messages, for instance, you cannot select multiple connections individually. Therefore, it’s best to learn if you have a lot of spring cleaning to do in your contacts book how to delete multiple contacts on iPhone. However, you can select various groups of contacts with this feature.

  • Open the Contacts app
  • Select a group of contacts to delete next.
  • To select the contacts next to it, tap one and drag it up or down.
  • Repeat step 2 if you want to add another group for deletion.
  • Otherwise, tap Delete Contacts by long pressing with a single finger.

All that remains is that. It’s not perfect, as we said earlier, but if you need to get rid of friends, it should make your life a little easier.

One Click to Delete the Contacts

Even if it’s challenging to remove all of your iPhone contacts at once without assistance, there is an effective iPhone data manager that may help you do so quickly and easily. How to delete multiple contacts on iPhone? These capabilities allow you to manage and delete contacts on your iPhone.

Next, free download the programs you need for your computer, and then follow the instructions below to discover how to easily remove all contacts from your iPhone.

Methods of Third-Party Contact Deletion

It is best to download a free third-party app on your mobile device if you want to delete multiple contacts. Remember that for these apps to function, you will need to grant access to your contacts.

Clean the Photos

It is made to aid in storage space optimization for your iPhone. Only one swipe eliminates duplicate contacts, images, and videos. Additionally, it keeps track of your iPhone’s battery life and can filter and delete contacts that have a phone number, or lack a name, or email address.

Delete Contacts

Contacts can be deleted simultaneously, backed up and restored, and sorted by a common field like a company or email domain using this app. In addition, it can combine contacts with the same name for an additional fee to consolidate their email addresses, phone numbers, and addresses into a single location.

Other Ways to Delete Multiple Contacts

You may use your contacts on any of your devices, including iOS and macOS, provided you utilize iCloud to store and back up your contacts. So How to delete contacts on iPhone fast? Using the web interface of iCloud on your Mac, you may pick numerous contacts to delete, unlike the Contacts app on even the greatest iPhones.

  • Go to the official site and log in with your Apple ID and password instead of using a mobile device.
  • Holding down the Control key on your Mac will highlight the contacts you want to remove.
  • To delete other contacts, scroll down and choose them.
  • At the last left of the monitor, choose the Settings icon.
  • Choose to delete to verify your range in the box.

All of your devices are now cleared of the contacts you chose. Yes, this procedure is difficult; but, using a third-party iOS app is a superior option.

How to Delete Contacts on iPhone through Gmail?

To learn how to erase contacts from an iPhone, you can also log into your email accounts. Because the iPhone also allows users to import contacts from particular email accounts, such as Gmail and Yahoo, you can use them to remove all of your contacts from the device. So, if you’re interested in how to delete all contacts on your iPhone, Irrespective of whether you utilize Gmail or another account.

  • Go to Settings
  • Select the account that you desire to remove.
  • All selected account contacts will be removed from your phone, and a pop-up window will appear asking you to confirm your continued decision.

That is all. Using the iPhone’s built-in Contacts app, you can now check to see if the selected contacts have been deleted.

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How to Delete Duplicate Contacts?

When you transfer contacts to your new iPhone or sync them to Gmail or other platforms, there may be duplicate contacts.


Hopefully, this thorough iPhone manual enabled bulk contact deletion. To erase contacts from your iPhone in bulk, utilize the memory cleaning app or your iCloud account. Using the Cleaner for iPhone app would undoubtedly be your finest choice.

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