PUBG Mobile M14 Royal Pass Release Date, Rewards and Leaks

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PUBG Mobile (BGMI) M14 Royal Pass leaks, Release Date, and RP RewardsPUBG Mobile has unquestionably grown to be one of the most famous battlegrounds shooting online games, attracting a vast global player base. We are currently enjoying the ongoing PUBG Mobile M13 RP with its incredible rewards and many other amazing features. Month 12 has brought us some fantastic RP awards, including appealing weapon skins, a 50 RP mythic outfit, and many other items.

With only a few weeks left in the current Royal Pass, fans are anxiously awaiting to get some information on what will come in the next PUBG Mobile season. You have been patiently waiting for this moment, and now it has arrived. We are now here to provide all details about the upcoming season. Today’s post will provide all details about the new PUBG Mobile (BGMI) M14 Royal Pass release date, rewards, and leaks.

PUBG Mobile M14 Royal Pass Release Date:

Every PUBG Royal Pass is now released immediately following the completion of the preceding one. It’s easy to find out when the new PUBG Mobile/BGMI C3S7 M14 season will be launched. Go into the RP area of the game and you can see the ending date of the month 13 Royal Pass. You can check it from the game itself. According to that, M13 Royal Pass will finish on 18 August 2022. It means the expected PUBG M14 Royal Pass release date is 19 August 2022.

PUBG Mobile M14 RP Rewards and Leaks:

Be sure not to wander off in search of next season’s RP benefits, we are here with all the leaks and details which we have collected so far. The name of this upcoming RP will be “Nights of the Fables“. In order to collect these PUBG M14 RP rewards, players must first purchase the Royal Pass (Elite Pass costs 360 UC, while Elite Plus costs 960 UC) and then complete the corresponding RP tasks. Below you will find information on the official PUBG Mobile M14 Royal Pass rewards and leaks that we have gathered.

  • RP Level 1- Oasis Idol Set + Emerald Lead PP-19 Bizon
  • RP Level 5 – Oasis Idol Cover
  • RP Level 10 – Guilded Flower Backpack
  • RP Level 15 – Street Dance Emote (Free) + Gemstone Ring Ornament (Paid)
  • RP Level 20 – Enchanted Wish Parachute (Free) + Perfume Bottle Stun Grenade (Paid)
  • RP Level 25 – Nightfarer Set (Free Outfit)
  • RP Level 30 – Imperial Gold Boat Skin + Royal Aurum Emote
  • RP Level 35 – Blazing Rose S1897 (Free)
  • RP Level 40 – Gold Feather MK47
  • RP Level 50 – Royal Aurum Set (Mythic Outfit)

In the RP redeem section, you will be able to obtain Rosy Thorn Scar-L, Agent Fox Set, Cover, and Headgear. So, that concludes our post about the PUBG Mobile (BGMI) M14 Royal Pass release date, rewards, and leaks. After getting the more official details about the rewards, we will also add the images of all as soon as possible. So, stay connected with us!

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