New Vehicles Coming to PUBG: Battlegrounds Thanks to Collaboration with McLaren

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During the upcoming PUBG 19.2 update, Krafton is doing a collaboration with McLaren Automotive to add the McLaren GT to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The 19.2 update adds new vehicle skins, a new vehicle, a revamped Deston weather system, and much more.

McLaren GT skins will be available to PC players from 7th September to 2nd November and to console gamers from 15th September to 10th November. In-game McLaren Loot Caches will offer the McLaren GT Standard-Onyx Black, consisting of a vehicle skin, gear, costume, and emote, to thank players for participating in the event. After that, they may use the new car interaction option to apply the McLaren Skins on their rides.

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If players spend McLaren tokens at the workshop, they can create the following car skins:

  • McLaren GT Standard – Silica White
  • McLaren GT Elite – Volcano Yellow

As a bonus, they will get to design and build their very own McLarens. A few examples of the sorts of tweaks that can be made in the workshop are as follows:

  • Vehicle colors
  • Brake calipers
  • Wheels

If you buy any McLaren vehicle skins, you will gain access to pre-game lobby containers containing a playable McLaren. All McLaren containers and cars will be taken out of play when the game begins.

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Deston will soon have a new unique automobile, the Not-So-Friendly Neighborhood Food Truck. With its vast, vertical window on one end, this new vehicle provides room for up to four passengers. Additionally, the map will soon receive a new weather system that will improve the game’s illumination and climate more in line with actual life.

Enhanced performance is one of the goals of the 19.2 updates, which will include newer animations. Finally, the Heavy Stock will be available to players in the 19.2 update. This stock reduces recoil yet increases the ADS latency.

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