Pubg Mobile Controller Support: Best Available Options

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PUBG Mobile Controller Support: There are many mobile gamers that don’t like to use a touchscreen to play games on their Android and iOS devices. To overcome this problem, many shooting mobile games support controller support. Moreover, the touchscreen also has some limitations.

Nowadays, PUBG Mobile is the most popular and most playing mobile shooting game. So the main question for the players who don’t like to play with touchscreen is that:

Does PUBG Mobile Have Controller Support?

Officially announced from Tencent and Bluehole, controllers, mobile gamepads, and Bluetooth controllers are not officially supported by the PUBG Mobile. Pubg Mobile officially does Not Support PS4.

Are Pubg Triggers Legal?

Actually, Gaming Triggers, Hacks, and Consoles are not legal in Pubg tournaments. But in the case of If You Are not Playing in any Pubg Tournament, You Can Use Pubg Triggers.

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 Can You Get Banned For Using Controller on Mobile?

No, there is no reason because we are not cheating, we only use the controller as an External Part of a Device that does not belong to Pubg. So Do Not Worry. You Will Not Get Banned using any Pubg Controller on mobile.

Is PUBG Mobile Controller Compatible?

PUBG Mobile doesn’t have the function to support the Bluetooth controllers on iOS and Android. But the one way to play PUBG Mobile with a controller is to use PC emulators like Gameloop (old Tencent Gaming Buddy), Bluestacks, Memu, or Phoenix OS, etc. These are the android emulators through them you can play any android game on your PC or Laptop.

But when playing on an emulator, you will only be matched with players who are also emulator players not with the Android or iOS players. Here is the official tweet from PUBG Mobile:

For mobile players, the solution is to try to use physical controllers. These controllers fit around your mobile and will press the screen for you with the help of your fingers.

These controllers are made to work with the secondary button. To move around, you still need to use your thumb.

Which is the best controller for PUBG mobile?

There are many best controllers available in the market and you can easily buy. But I’m going to tell you the best 3 Pubg Mobile controllers:

  1. Flydigi Apex Wireless Controller
  2. Mobile Game Controller w/ L1R1 L2R2 Triggers
  3. COOBILE Mobile Game Controller

1. Flydigi Apex Wireless Controller

Flydigi Apex Wireless Controller, RGB Lighting Gamepad. Support for Android, XCloud, Tablet, TV Box, PC, Steam.

Flydigi Apex Wireless Controller (Pubg Mobile Controller Support)


  • Compatible with All Platforms: Flydigi Apex features both Bluetooth 4.0 and 2.4GHz wireless connection. It can be compatible with Android, Tablet, TV Box, PC, Win 7, 8, 10.
  • Motion Sensing Function: Comes up with a built-in 6-axis accelerometer and gyro sensor. It provides great motion control and enables fly mouse mode. It supports individual sensitivity adjustment for more precise aiming.
  • Number of Buttons: Flydigi Apex has 23 buttons for better control. It has innovative C and Z buttons on the front, four extra buttons on the back for mobile gaming.
  • 360° Omnidirectional Joystick: It becomes very easy to aim with the presence of 3D Analog Joystick Thumb Sticks
  • Long Battery Life: Flydigi Apex Controller contains a high-performance rechargeable battery with efficient power consumption. You can use it for up to 160 hours after full charges.
  • Ergonomic Handfeel: Its ergonomic designed Handfeel makes it easy and comfortable to hold. It is non-slip and sweat-proof.
  • RGB Lighting Effect: Contains 4 different modes to choose anyone you like. You need to go to the Space Station on the app to do RGB lighting settings.
  • Foldable and Removable Phone Holder: Its size in width from 3.5 inches to 6.8 inches.


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2. Mobile Game Controller w/ L1R1 L2R2 Triggers

Mobile Game Controller w/ L1R1 L2R2 Triggers [ 6 Finger ], PUBG/COD Mobile Controller w/Cooling Fan & 1200mAh Power Bank, Gaming Grip Joystick Gamepad, Shoot Aim Keys for 4.7-6.5″ Android iOS Phone.

Mobile Game Controller w/ L1R1 L2R2 Triggers (Does Pubg Mobile have Controller Support?)


  • Quiet Cooling Fan: Its powerful cooling fan performs an excellent job to prevent your phone from overheat and reduce heat lag. Give more life to the phone and battery.
  • Rotateable Conductive TouchPad: It comes up with 180° flipped for easy installation of the phone and customizes buttons layout without removing the phone.
  • Charging Indicator: It also contains a charging indicator. The flash of blue light indicates low battery or charging and blue light means the battery is fully charged.
  • Play while Charging: The best thing is this mobile game controller never blocks the side of the phone. So, you can even charge the phone when playing games.
  • 6 Fingers Operation: It provides 6 finger operations to improve your game skills. You just need to use your index fingers to press L1R1 triggers so that shooting, aiming, jumping operations can be performed at the same time.
  • Ergonomic Phone Controller: Its ergonomic phone controller and responsive alloy L1R1 and L2R2 triggers extend your phone to a traditional Xbox or PS controller. More comfortable for big hands.
  • Support all Phones from 4.7-6.5 inches: It is easily useable with all android and iOS devices of sizes from 4.7-6.5 inches. You can use this trigger with iPhoneXS/ XS MAX/ XR/ X/ 8/ 7/ 7plus/ 6s/ 6splus/ 6/ 6plus/ 5s/ 5c/ 5, Samsung S9/ S8/ S8+/ Note9/ Note8, Nexus 5X/ 6P, LGG5G6V20, Lumia950, Lumia950XL, Huawei P10/ P9/ P9Plus, OnePlus 2/ 3, Nokia N1, HTC10, GALAXY etc.


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3. COOBILE Mobile Game Controller

COOBILE Mobile Game Controller for PUBG Mobile Controller L1R1 Mobile Game Trigger Joystick Gamepad for 4-6.5″ iOS & Android Phone(W10 Update).

COOBILE Mobile Game Controller


  • A 3-in-1 game controller which combines gamepads, game triggers, and mobile phone holder into one.
  • Can be useable for all devices from 4.6 – 5 inches.
  • Provides comfortable handle, the game will not fatigue when playing long, alloy trigger, shoot while moving, 4 fingers working at the same time, move faster than the enemy, enjoy the better gaming experience.
  • The trigger can be flipped up by 180° to set up the game and operate the screen.


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PUBG Mobile Controller Support Conclusion

Its been now more than two years since PUBG Mobile was released but there is no official announcement from Tencent and Quantum that they will add controller support.

So the option is to use any physical controller, some best are mentioned above. You can buy any from them which you like.


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