New PUBG Mobile Season 20 Royal Pass Release Date Confirmed

In PUBG Mobile, the Royale Pass is one of the key ways for players to obtain numerous special rewards such as outfits, gun skins, and they are excited for the next latest PUBG Mobile season 20 Royal Pass. The Royal Pass of season 19 will end on July 12th, and players will no longer be able to enter the RP section after that date.

The devs have unveiled various adjustments to the RP system, as detailed in the patch notes for the new PUBG Mobile 1.5 update.

PUBG Mobile Season 20 (SS1) Royal Pass Release Date

The game’s developers have revealed that the Royale Pass will now be available for one month and that there will be two separate passes available in each release of PUBG Mobile.

The next coming Royal Passes will be called with the following names:

  • Month 1 Royal Pass (M1): Tek Era (Duration: July 14th – August 12th)
  • Month 2 Royal Pass (M2): Project T (Duration: August 13th – September 13th)

They are scheduled to begin at 2 A.M. UTC (7:30 a.m. IST) on the dates listed above.

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More information about New PUBG Mobile Season 20 Royal Pass

  • As we have already told you, now there will be 2 months duration for every new PUBG Mobile season. Also, there will be two Royal Passes for each month, which means one pass for one month.
  • With the change in the Royal Pass duration, the price is also going to change. Now, you can buy regular RP in 360 UC and Elite Pass in just 960 UC.
  • The highest rank has been changed from 50 to 50. The devs, on the other hand, made no adjustments to the awards’ value. You will require to reach RP level 50 each month.

You can check out the PUBG Mobile Season 20 Royal Pass rewards leaks in this video:

Other than the new season Royal Pass, the following features are available in the PUBG Mobile 1.5 update:

  • Mission Ignition (July 9th – September 6th)
  • PUBG Mobile x Tesla content (July 9th – September 6th)
  • New weapon – MG3
  • New quick wheel
  • New glass windows
  • Customized firearm settings
  • New throwable consumables
  • Specialized firearm sensitivity customizations
  • Tier icon improvements
  • Challenge point system
  • Game performance and improvements
  • Clan battle

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