Minecraft 1.19 Release Date: All We Know About Wild Update So Far

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Mojang has stated that they have set a date for releasing the recent Minecraft 1.19 update, also known as The Wild Update.

So you’re curious Minecraft 1.19 release date? The Wild update, first teased in October 2021, would significantly contribute to the popular game’s Java edition. Even though it won’t be released until later this year, players may already get a sneak peek at it through Minecraft snapshots.

Minecraft’s next major update introduces new biomes and creatures and a slew of new elements. Experiencing the beautiful surroundings and diving into the darker side of things are both included in this Minecraft 1.19 Wild Update. There will be tall Mangrove trees in the upcoming swamp terrain and terrifying Guardian foes and other terrible things in the next Deep Dark region.

Let’s talk about the Minecraft 1.19’s Wild update release date and everything coming in this major update we know so far.

Minecraft 1.19 Release Date: The Wild Update

Minecraft 1.19, The Wild Update, will arrive on June 7, 2022, for all game platforms. The console users will be required to download the latest version.  But Java PC Minecraft players can directly run the new update from the Launcher. Minecraft 1.19 pre-release is also currently available if you are impatient enough.

Minecraft 1.19 Key Features: What’s Coming?

So, where do I begin? In the upcoming Minecraft Wild Update, you may explore a new underworld biome and several new elements over the surface! You can get a good rundown of the new features below, though don’t forget to check out other detailed guides for Minecraft.

You can find a more precise explanation of the officially stated and anticipated vital features of the 1.19 version on the Minecraft wiki; however, here are some bright spots:

Deep Dark Biome

The deadly Warden mob from Minecraft’s 1.18 update has been postponed until the Wild Update in 2022 after being initially scheduled for that version. We will also see the expansion of the Deep Dark biome that we saw earlier. Minecraft has taken a significant leap into the Deep Dark biome, making it appear more terrifying than it has ever been.

There are new Skulk Shrieker blocks in the Deep Dark, which release a scream and darken the area around them on its activation. To avoid drawing the attention of a Warden, fastly run away from that Skulk Shrieker, which is making an awful lot of noise.

Mangrove Trees

The mangrove is a new tree kind that Mojang brings to the game. In the style of modern swamp trees, they’ll feature vines that dangle from their leaves and enormous, arching roots that you may stroll and dive below. Mangroves are unique in that they may be grown both in water and on the ground. The primary mangrove wood stems will have a twisted root foundation as they emerge.

That’s correct; mangroves feature their own form of wood as well. Mangrove planks, according to Mojang, can be used to make mangrove-colored decor like doors, barriers, and other wooden items, in the same way as different varieties of wood can.

Mangrove Swamp Biome

Just because you’ve never been brave enough to delve into The Deep Dark doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the new The Wild Update. The Mangrove Swamp, a new biome, is coming in the update, and the players will find it on the land. It means you will not be fear of The Warden.

Mud Blocks

Mangrove swamp biome ground is not composed of dirt blocks, however. It is caked in mud. You can use a water bottle to make new Mud Blocks by squirting it into the soil. If you want to remove the moisture from the dripstone, place a mud block on top of it. Thus it will change into clay, or you can transform them into mud bricks to construct a new structure.

Allay Mob

This year’s winner, the allay mob, will be included in Minecraft 1.19. It will be your own little blue fairy. It is always on the lookout for goodies and enjoys dancing for your delight. As soon as you give it a specific item, it will go out and find more items that are comparable. You can find it in  Woodland Mansions and Pillager Outposts.

Frogs and Tadpoles

Frogs are a new and charming mob to look out for in Mangrove Swamps! Swamp and Mangrove Swamps are the only places where you’ll be able to locate the Temperate and Warm frogs. If you can discover tadpoles and raise them in a calm environment, you will find them turn into the Cool Frogs.

Three types of frogs exist, these are tropical, swamp, and snowy. They’ll develop into adult frogs when they reach adulthood, depending on their environment.

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