Important Things to Do When You Get A New iPhone

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Congratulations on your new iPhone! You may have waited impatiently for this new model of iPhone to come out, and now it’s in your hands. However, when you have completed the initial setup process, staring at the new home screen, it can be hard to wonder what you can do next.

Have you checked the iPhone warranty? Have you set up a FaceTime account? Read below to know some suggestions that may help you to get started with your iPhone.

Your Setup to Begin with a New iPhone

1. Create Your FaceTime and iMessage

iMessage and FaceTime are some of the exclusive highlights of the Apple system. Therefore, the first thing you should do after setting up your iPhone is to activate these essential communication services to start using them.

2. Set Up Your Mail Account

A default iOS mail app, which lets you set up your cloud email and other accounts like Hotmail, Gmail, etc., allows you to use all these emails simultaneously. Besides that, you can download any desired email app and follow the instructions provided on-screen to set it up.

3. Set A Screen Timer

Screen time puts restrictions on content and apps. It creates awareness about the amount of time you spend on your phone and many more things. If your kid is using an iPhone, then this feature can especially be helpful.

4. Use The Photo Cloud Services

Photo cloud services ensure that your videos and pictures are saved online. Unfortunately, if you restart the device or voice, you may lose all the data. However, you can also use the inbuilt iCloud photos that come with 5 GB of free storage. In addition to that, you can also use Google photos which comes with 15 GB of free storage at full quality and unlimited storage for high-quality pictures and videos.

5. Change Your Keyboard Settings

Many features of the keyboard come to default, like auto-correction. However, you may or may not want to use these features depending on you. Therefore, ensure that you customize the iPhone keyboard settings according to your needs for the best experience. First, customize your keyboard settings, go to the ‘settings’ app, tap on the ‘general’, and then tap on ‘keyboard’. From here, you will be able to disable the options you do not want to use. Besides, you can add multiple keywords for different uses.

6. Change Trustone Display Settings

Apple’s true tone technology makes your display more natural. It also uses brightness and ambient light color. After that, using this data automatically decides where the white point of the screen should be, making it appear natural and pleasing. Even if you don’t prefer the standard white screen, then there is an option to have a slightly tinted one.

7. Enable or Disable Video Autoplay

Some people might find auto-playing videos on websites and social media disturbing. Besides, it is also irritating when video automatically plays in apps like App Store, Facebook, and Twitter. iPhone allows you the option to disable video autoplay on your iPad or iPhone.

8. Turn Off Auto Update settings

Auto-updates can be a break to keep you updated with the latest version of the apps. But mostly we can buy pure Wi-Fi or mobile data, especially if you have a limited allowance. That’s when most people want to turn off their auto-update feature. You can also go through the phone insurance, to know what things are covered under it.

9. Get Notifications Quietly

Some apps can improve your personal space by sending or spamming with multiple notifications that don’t need your immediate attention. Hence, having a way to receive notifications quietly without making a sound can be a lifesaver.

Being a tech geek, you might wait for the new iPhone to come out very impatiently, but when you get the iPhone in your hand’s many people don’t know what they should do first. You can do the things mentioned above to get started, and besides that, you can do several other things like pairing your AirPods and setting your custom alarm tone. You can also learn how you can extend the battery life. It all depends on your needs and how you want to use your phone.

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