How to Unlock Nightborne in WoW: Shadowlands (Best Guide)

A quick, detailed, and most up-to-date guide about how to unlock Nightborne in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.

As a new World of Warcraft player, it can be very difficult for you to figure out the way of how to unlock allied races using the previous expansions. Now, the unlock requirements are not the same as they were before, but the sad thing is that the online forums, communities, and guides have not updated their content according to the current scenario. That’s the main reason we are creating this article, we are going to tell you the latest guide to unlock Nightborne in Shadowlands.

Previously, there was a reputation requirement associated to unlock this race but it has been removed for now. But today, I will tell you about Nightborne unlock requirements in the short sections by completing different quests.

So, here it is, you need to complete the following two steps(level 45+ necessary) in order to unlock the Nightborn Shadowlands:

  • Complete the Suramar quest to obtain the Insurrection achievement.
  • Secondly, you have to finish the recruitment objectives to get Nightborne Allied Race and these quests begin at the Orgrimmar Embassy.

How to access the Suramar in Shadowlands

Suramar is the largest legion of the zone, which is packed with a lot of interesting and exciting stuff. Each of its rounds reveals a mystery and the area variety is astonishing. Suramar also possesses a city with a large population with such fantastic mythology around a peculiar coalition of loving elves and deadly devils. When players enter the quest, they will join the banished Nightfallen in their battle for expelling the monsters from Suramar City.

Suramar in World of Warcraft Shadowlands

The Suramar storyline resumes in patch 7.1, where players have major roles and responsibilities in the retaking of the Suramar City. The uprising of the Nighfallen and Azeroth’s elf nations should work together to free the city from demons. It appears that perhaps the most difficult shell to break will be the Nighhold, with Gul’dan and his allies doing every possible thing to bring Sargeras into the realm.

Getting Access to the Suramar City

Suramar, just like many different Legion zones, is only accessible to level 110 heroes. If you are on the lower levels, you can still wander the place, eliminate enemies, and can also earn Ancient Mana. However, you won’t be able to undertake any tasks. The Dungeon Guide symbol will begin to glow immediately after your character reaches level 110.

Now, you will get two options, you can even choose Suramar’s initial quest Khadgar’s Discovery or you can go with the latest Dalaran, where you will be provided with the alternate quest to complete. Khadgar unlocks a door to Suramar after you hear the distress signal from the Arcane Anomaly during the next objective. Now from here, your long journey will take place.

New Dalaran Legion in the World of Warcraft

When you enter the Dalaran region, head over to The Violet Citadel which is present in the West section of the city. Chat with Archmage Khadgar when you’ve entered the citadel to begin the Khadgar’s Discovery mission. You’ll be sent to Suramar to assist First Arcanist Thalyssra after you finish this task alongside some others, all of these occur in the same room.

Complete the Suramar Storyline

Finishing Suramar’s objective is the most challenging part to unlock Nightborne. With a level 45+ character, you can start the Suramar tale by choosing Khadgar’s Discovery quest. From the Alliance or Horde characters, I will suggest you go with the Horde because you require it for the second portion of the WoW Nightborne unlock.

There are some stories that you can left because they are not the necessary part to unlock Nightborne. But if you also have a mind to finish Good Suramaritan achievement that you should go with those storylines. The following are the narratives that you don’t require to complete for the Nightborne:

  • Breaking the Lighbreaker
  • Moon Guard Stronghold
  • Jandvik’s Jarl
  • Eminent Grown-Main
  • Tidying Tel’Anor

According to my thinking, if you start completing these narratives, you need to spend approximately 6-7 hours each day and will continue the process for some days. You’ll be almost halfway through your goal in the process of how to unlock Nightborne if you’ve completed the story and earned Insurrection.

Complete the Recruitment Quests

Well, you have successfully finished the Suramar tale and have obtained the achievement. It’s the perfect occasion to acquire the Nighborne.

Orgrimmar Embassy in World of Warcraft Shadowlands

You should first enter the Orgrimmar Embassy to undertake the recruitment quest. Ji Firepaw will give you a task called Thalyssra’s Estate after your entrance into the building, which demands your return again to Suramar. After then, you’ll go to the embassy again to unlock Nightborne after passing through a certain background in Silvermoon.

All the four recruitment quests which you have to complete are Thalysrra’s Estate, Silvermoon City, Remember the Sunwell, and The Nightborne.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to unlock Nightborne?

I am going with the scenario that you have reached level 45 above. So according to the Suramar Storyline, I estimate that unlocking Nightborne from the beginning will require roughly 6–8 hours. However, if you have not reached level 45 yet, then it will take much longer for you to achieve this because you first have to spend a lot of time reaching level 45.

2. What are the Nightborne Racial Traits?

They are currently two Nightborne Racial Traits which are following:

  • Arcane Pulse: The Arcane Pulse gives the Arcane Damage to the surrounding foes and also slows down the speed of their movement by 50 percent, this impact remains for 12 seconds.
  • Cantrips: The Cantrips permit the Nightborne to conjure a book that offers them 1.5 minutes of exposure to their mailbox.

3. How do you unlock Nightborne in Bfa?

With the Nightfallen, first, you reach Exalted and accomplish the Insurrection achievement. If you want to play as Nightborne, you should have to obtain Battle for Azeroth just like Highmountain Tauren. Despite the prerequisites to unlocking them are related to Legion.

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