5 Popular Bodybuilding YouTube Channels for Bodybuilders

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YouTube has become our go-to platform for knowing more about every niche, and bodybuilding is no exception. There’s always someone more passionate and well-trained than you to guide you better. While several bodybuilders have become successful enough to get popular on YouTube and gain a wider reach, the options are endless. We are here with the top 5 popular bodybuilding YouTube channels for aspiring bodybuilders to separate the wheat and chaff!


Of course, the first one on our list had to be the fitness beast of the industry. Launched on YouTube in 2008, it took Kali Muscle a while to get popular on YouTube and gain more than 2 million subscribers today worldwide. Although he had a rough and intense childhood, the legend managed to use those emotions and channel them toward his fitness journey. With intense training and vigorous exercises for 30 long years, Kali Muscle is here to share his knowledge with us to help us get an insane physique. The channel is known to post one video each day, making it easier for viewers to stay motivated. Besides training hard to become a bodybuilder, you can also subscribe to his channel for a good laugh, positivity, and inspiration, or to witness his car passion. If not on YouTube, you can spot him in TV commercials, show hosts, and much more.


Joanna Soh has been on the fitness journey for more than 10 years, a certified personal trainer (CTE), Women’s Fitness Specialist, and Nutrition Coach. For all the women hesitating about diving into fitness and bodybuilding, the Joanna Soh Official channel is here to push your limits with the right nutrition and exercise. If you want to smoothen your fitness journey, you can subscribe here for workout videos and ideas. Other than this, you can also find advice on healthy eating, nutrition tips, and delicious recipe ideas. You can also find several beginner workouts in her playlists, making it beneficial for those who are just starting and are relatively new to the world of fitness. One reason that has led Joanna Soh Official to get popular on YouTube is her plant-based nutrition ideas beneficial for vegans and vegetarians. You can stay motivated with the help of the fun challenges and competitions that Joanna introduces like ‘Burn 10,000 calories in 30 days’ and other well-scheduled plans.


Starting in 2012, Nick’s Strength and Power has gained a wider reach on YouTube scoring more than 1 million subscribers. The channel’s self-acclamations are now the number one channel for information, coverage, and news related to bodybuilding. Being a natural bodybuilder contestant, Nick’s Strength and Power has so many buried secrets to be uncovered regarding natural methods to buff up. Nick has shared his personal journey to reach his fitness goals and updates on his progress. If you want to stay up to date with the prevalent trends related to bodybuilding and nutrition, Nick should definitely be your go-to guy with his multiple video posts in a day. You can also find case reports of Mr. Olympia channels to learn something from everyone’s fitness journey. You can also find other interesting topics on his channel, ranging from Keto diet recipes to IFBB bodybuilding.


If you’re looking for a badass fitness and bodybuilding motivator, CT Fletcher should undoubtedly be your must-check channel. With a go-hard attitude, CT Fletcher will manage to get you out of bed and into the gym with his powerful speeches and hardcore attitude. Started in 2013, CT Fletcher Motivation has more than a million subscribers and you can expect bodybuilding videos every week consistently. CT Fletcher maybe 55 years old, but his bodybuilding exercises are what have managed to help him get a wider reach on YouTube. His tips on nutrition, diet, and the right exercises for bodybuilding can help you stay on the right track and reach your bodybuilding goals faster.


With more than 5 million subscribers, the list would have been incomplete without this special mention. Besides having a knowledgeable website, Bodybuilding.com has also gained a wider reach on YouTube because of its personalized fitness solutions. Their playlists consist of effective workouts for each body part; be it arms, back, chest, or legs! Moreover, they have also segmented their videos for men and women based on individual requirements. Since fitness and diet are intertwined with one another, you can also check out their channel for quick recipes, snacks, and appetizers to fuel and gain more muscle. And for all those with a sweet tooth out there who cannot resist having their daily dose of sugar, the Bodybuilding.com channel also has interesting and healthy dessert recipes. Their superb transformation results from clients are proof of why this channel is definitely worthy of all the hype to get popular on YouTube!


We hope this list helps you in finding your route in your fitness journey. All these YouTubers have served as digital bodybuilding mentors to millions of people, and you can be a part of their squad. So, make sure to check out these channels to find bodybuilding YouTubers whose videos are in alignment with your goals. With the right efforts and some consistency, you’ll surely be able to see a difference!

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