The Latest RTX 4090 GPUs Power Goes Up to 1200W

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VideoCardz claims that Galax will release not one but two RTX 4090 Hall of Fame graphics cards: the OC Lab and the OC Lab Plus. With their massive 1200W output power and three cooling fans, these GPUs are one of the biggest and most capable RTX 4090 GPUs currently available. These HoF graphics cards, if they follow past trends, will be among the most overpowered 4090s ever created, with a focus on setting new records. However, neither the cost nor the release date has been announced as of yet.

The circumstance that two cards, rather than one, have been inducted into the 4090 Hall of Fame is an unexpected change. We have two models, the OC Lab and the OC Lab Plus, with the former serving as the entry-level option and the latter being the advanced variant. The only significant difference between them is that the OC Lab Plus unit is 30MHz faster.

Both of these 4090 GPUs, such as their forerunners, feature an all-white appearance, right down to the PCB, fans, and wrap. In contrast to the earlier generation’s 3090 Ti HoF graphics cards, the latest RTX 4090 editions sport a massive RGB lighting crown styling alongside the middle cooling fan, which is arguably the most prominent upgrade. The crown’s full size makes it difficult to fit through standard doorways while using the card. Nevertheless, it seems that its peak can be detached if necessary.

Even though with their dimensions of 344 x 183 x 77 mm, these are the bigger RTX 4090 cards in the market but these might not be the most bigger ones currently available. For comparison’s sake, both of these HoF variants are shorter than the Asus ROG Strix, which continues to be among the biggest GPUs. Although in terms of thickness and height, these Hall of Fame graphics cards easily win.

However, the 4090 HoF’s superior power supply compared to other RTX 4090s is the true show-stopper. Each model’s performance BIOS mode can supply 666W of energy, which is 66W beyond what a standard 16-pin power strip can deliver. Unfortunately, the stock BIOS can’t take advantage of the full potential of two 16-pin adapters, although 4090 HoF cards may soon be able to do so with the help of custom BIOS technology.

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