Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra May Come With Massive Upgrades to Night Photography

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When it comes to mobile phones with excellent cameras, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is our personal favorite nowadays. But the scenario will change if recent information about the upcoming Galaxy S23 Ultra camera upgrades is accurate. According to the leaks, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra could arrive with significant enhancements to the primary camera, zoom shots, and night photography.

Leaker @UniverseIce, a user with a decent track record, has tweeted a lot of information about this next Samsung handset. They say it takes much better nighttime photos and videos than before. Therefore, the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s low-light images pale compared to those taken with the S22 Ultra. They say it’s the most significant upgrade to Samsung’s high-end phones in five years.

Even if they only intend the greatest advancement in lowlight shots, that’s still quite a bold statement. As it turns out, however, this improvement isn’t limited to nighttime shots. The leaker also stated that the primary camera on the Galaxy S23 Ultra would be 200 megapixels which is a significant upgrade compared with the 108MP of the S22 Ultra. Still, the S22 Ultra has the best camera in the Android industry, with a 108MP sensor. So imagine how perfect the shooter of the S23 Ultra will be if the given rumor stays true.

However, some bad news: despite its impressive resolution, this 200MP shooter apparently can’t take 50MP photographs at the moment through pixel binning. Although this appears to be a software problem instead of a hardware one, solutions are also being developed. That means that when the device officially arrives, hopefully, 50MP photos may be achievable.

Regarding the zoom cameras, the leaker says they will feature the same 3x and 10x sensors, similar to what is available on Galaxy S22 Ultra. But the final result will be higher-quality photographs due to enhanced hues and AI-powered processing.

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