GeForce RTX 4080 Could Be Available in Both 12GB and 16GB Options

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There have been reports of leaked specifications for the first Nvidia GeForce RTX 40 lineup graphics cards. MEGASizeGPU revealed more information regarding the RTX 4090’s design model. The most shocking revelation was that Jensen Huang allegedly had not one but two RTX 4080 models cooking in his green pot. You might want to season the dish with skepticism before proceeding, even though this rumor’s integrity is in doubt.

According to a few estimates, the GPUs based on Nvidia’s Ada Lovelace architecture may debut in the current month. It could start with a bang, similar to what we had seen in the case of the Ampere generation, with a slew of greater announcements and launches. It’s uncertain that rumors about the GeForce RTX 4080 and RTX 4090 have been circulating on Twitter, Reddit, and other social platforms and online tech forums.

All of MEGAsizeGPU’s RTX 4090 claims make sense. According to him, the RTX 4090 features 14 layers of PCB construction and 24GB of GDDR6 of memory. As a point of reference for the PCB layers specification, the Nvidia RTX 3090-ti FE PCB has a 12-layer structure. However, high-end editions designed to meet the most demanding applications had 14-layer PCBs to concentrate power more efficiently.

When discussing the RTX 4080, the Tweet written in the Ada Lovelace approach becomes hostile. There are two totally different designs, according to MEGAsizeGPU: a 12GB variant with a ten-layer PCB and a 16GB one that has a 12-layer board. Similar to the Geforce RTX 4090, they employ GDDR6X memory.

MEGAsizeGPU revised its original description to include the 192-bit memory interface that the 12GB unit possessed. Similarly, our prior assessment is more on track if we accept the hypothesis that the RTX 4070, which is too dissimilar to advertise as an RTX 4080, is the worst card identified.

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