Steam Screenshot Folder: Where To Find Saved Screenshots?

Sometimes, you want to capture a scene when playing any world’s best PC game, maybe you have completed achievement and want to save it, more you may want to capture any best scenes. In that case, Steam’s built-in screenshot feature is the perfect way to do that. Steam provides the shortcut key (F12) to capture any screen whether you are on Windows, macOS, or Linux. In another scenario, maybe you are facing some problem and trying to troubleshoot it, so you can also take a screenshot of the error. But where to find the Steam screenshot folder to access all of those saved screenshots? Well, it’s not as simple as you may think.

Are you a new user of the Steam platform? You don’t know how to save a Steam screenshot? Where to find the Steam screenshots folder to access all saved images? You don’t need to think too much about it, today we are here to tell you where are Steam screenshots saved. After reading this complete article, we hope that you can easily find your captured images whether by using Steam client or through the computer.

Where Can I Find My Steam Screenshot Folder Using Client?

Sadly, it is not a straightforward thing to find where are Steam screenshots saved? But the real kicker is that it’s not a hard job to find your screenshots through the use of the Steam app itself.

Where are steam screenshots saved
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The easiest and simplest approach to find the Steam screenshots folder is by using the Steam client which is also called ‘Steam Screenshot Manager’. Right-click on the “View” option in the menu bar and you will be able to see the “Screenshots” in the drop-down menu. Just click on it and if you have previously taken any screenshots, all of these will be shown here.

Where to find Steam screenshot folder to access saved images
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You will also get some options at the bottom area. If you want to find the location of the Steam screenshot folder on your computer, then click on “Show On Disk”. After clicking, the file explorer will open and show you the exact path where this folder is saved locally on your system.

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Where To Find Steam Screenshot Folder In Your Computer?

Sometimes, maybe you will are not able to access the Steam client. In that scenario, you can locate the Steam screenshots folder directly from your computer. Here is how:

The first step is to head over to the default installation directly of Steam which is:

For Windows 8 and 10 users: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam

For Mac users: Users/{username}/Library/Application Support/Steam

Remember, in place of a username, you need to enter your Mac username, not a Steam’s one.

For Linux users: ~/.local/share/Steam

Keep in your mind that these are the default locations where Steam gets installed in Windows, Mac, and Linux. But, if you have installed it at your own desired location then you have to locate it by yourself. Wherever you have installed it, after finding the folder, follow the below steps:

Steps To Find Steam Screenshot Folder On Your System

  • Open the “user data” which you will find in the Steam installation folder. There, you will see one or multiple folders which are named as the numbers depending on the number of accounts you have created on the Steam client. If you have only a single account in your Steam app, you will see one folder and the number given to the folder name is your user ID. For two accounts on Steam client, there will be two folders each with its user ID.
  • Open your user folder and search for another folder named “760”. Open it and in that again click on the folder “remote”.
  • This is the most complex part of this Steam screenshot location finding process. Every single game just like every user has its own unique ID. But imagine, if you have a big collection of games in your Steam account, it can be very hard to find the screenshots of the game which you want.
  • To overcome this problem, click here to visit the website. From this site, you can find any game by searching with the game name or ID. After successfully finding the ID of your desired game, open that game folder and move into the “Screenshots” directory. Now you have accessed all the Steam screenshots which you have captured using the app.

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How To Find Your Steam ID?

To locate the Steam screenshot folder directly from your system, you must need the Steam ID. But if you don’t remember what your Steam ID is? Don’t worry, it’s a very simple task to find that.

Find Steam ID for the Steam Screenshot Folder Search
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Launch your Steam app and click on the “View” from the top menu and head over to the settings. From the “settings” section, click on the interface to select it. In the “Interface” area, check the box “Display Steam URL address when available“. After that, click Ok to save the settings.

Now, move to the Steam profile and select “View Profile”. Note the URL of your Steam profile and you will see a number at the end of the URL, this number is your Steam user ID.

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