How to Get Honeycomb in Minecraft

Honeycomb is the best way to add some extra depth to your Minecraft world.

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Honeycomb is the block for you if you’re ever looking to add some extra depth to your Minecraft world! This valuable resource is abundant in dark places and can be used to create beehives, shelves, tables, and more. But if you need to learn how to get honeycomb in Minecraft, this guide will help you. By following the given instructions, you’ll be able to harvest honeycomb in Minecraft at will without having to worry about being attacked or killed. In addition, we will tell you how to use honeycomb in different ways so that you can truly maximize its potential.

Honeycomb is one of the most important commodities in Minecraft. You can use it for various purposes, including crafting and decorating your world. For example, if you put a honeycomb block next to a copper block, the honeycomb will coat the copper in a thin film. That helps prevent it from weathering and oxidizing. As a result, you can make subtle designs with it. The other great use of honeycomb is to make a Minecraft beehive.

Thankfully, it’s a very straightforward process to understanding how to get honeycombs in Minecraft that can be repeated relatively easily after you’ve mastered the basics. Some necessary items are all that is required to begin. But the bees pose a threat, so tread lightly so as not to aggravate them, as you would in reality.

How to Get Honeycomb in Minecraft

Minecraft is all about exploration and building. And honeycomb? Well, that’s just the icing on the cake! Honeycomb is a relatively common item in the game. It can make several different crafting recipes and is also great for beehive use. You will need a pair of shears and a bee nest or beehive to get honeycomb in Minecraft. First, you need to find a bee nest and break into it. Be sure to pick the right time of day – nighttime is usually when Minecraft bees are most active.

A Beehive containing honey
A Beehive containing honey!

When a bee collects pollen from flowers, they create a honeycomb which is necessary to craft honey blocks, which have a variety of uses. Depending on the biome you are in, you will have more or less success in gathering honeycomb. If you are in the Sunflower Plains, Oak, and Birch biomes, you should be able to find plenty of bee nests. Following are the steps on how you can collect honeycomb from the beehive in Minecraft:

  1. Start by finding a beehive. These can be found in the wild in many biomes, including forests, plains, and Savannahs.
  2. When you find a bee nest, approach it cautiously, as bees will attack you if you get too close. Use a tool such as a sword or an axe to break the block of the hive and release the bees inside.
  3. Once you’re close enough, use a glass bottle to collect honey from the beehive. Doing this will cause the bees to become angry, but they won’t attack as long as you don’t disturb the bee nest further.
  4. Quickly retreat from the hive and wait for the bees to calm down. After a few minutes, they’ll go back to their bee farm, and you’ll be able to approach safely to collect your item.
  5. Whenever you mine for honeycomb, you can use shears. Shears are craftable using two iron ingots. With a Shear in your inventory, harvesting honeycomb can be done in a short amount of time.

How to Get Honeycomb in Minecraft Safely

You should always wear a beekeeper’s hat to avoid being attacked when collecting honeycombs. This headgear protects from bee stings and prevents any bees in the vicinity from becoming hostile toward the player. Additionally, it is important to approach beehives and bee nests with caution, as they will become angry if disturbed too quickly or too often.

Another method you can use to harvest honeycomb safely is a campfire. The fire should be placed near the beehive, within five blocks of the bee nest. It will keep the bees calm, but you’ll need to keep the campfire lit and you should have a fire pit and some logs or charcoal to do this. When you have a campfire, you can even use it to make the honeycomb dispenser. Place a campfire under the beehive and put a dispenser with Redstone signals underneath it. Once the dispenser is ready, you can drop the honeycomb.

How to Make Bees Produce More Honey

If you’re interested in collecting honeycomb in Minecraft, you’ll need to find a beehive and harvest it. Here’s a quick guide on how to make bees produce more honey over time:

  1. Look for beehives near flowers. Bees will often build their hives near sources of pollen, like flowers. If you see a beehive, approach it downwind, so the bees don’t get agitated.
  2. Use a source like a Shear or a Knife to harvest the honeycomb. When you’ve found a beehive, Right-click on it with your chosen tool to obtain the honeycomb inside.
  3. Give the bees some time to rebuild their hive before harvesting again. It takes time for bees to produce more honey, so try not to harvest their hives too frequently. Give them a few days or weeks to rebuild before returning for more honeycomb.

What to Do with Honeycomb in Minecraft

Honeycomb has a lot of uses in the game
Honeycomb has a lot of uses in the game.

Honeycomb can be used in many ways in the game. Here are some of the most popular uses for honeycomb:

Making Beehives

Making Beehive with honeycomb
Place three honeycombs and six planks in the crafting menu.

Honeycomb can be used to make beehives. You’ll require three pieces of honeycomb and six wooden planks to make a beehive in Minecraft. Bring out your crafting table and place the items as three wooden planks on the top row, three planks on the bottom row, and three honeycombs on the middle row. Beehives are structures that spawn bees when placed near flowers. Bees will enter the hive, pollinate the flowers, and then produce honey. The honey can be collected from the hive using a glass bottle.

Crafting Honeycomb Blocks

The process of making Honeycomb Block in Minecraft
Four honeycombs are required to make one block.

Moreover, you can use it to make Honeycomb Blocks. Head to a crafting table and combine four pieces of honeycomb in a square form to create a Honeycomb Block. Once you have your block, it can be placed in any container, like a chest or barrel. You can also place the block on the ground as decoration. Furthermore, these blocks are useful as fuel in furnaces and smokers, smelting one item per block. You can also use them to craft Sugar Glass, an ingredient in many recipes, including cakes and pies.

Making Waxed Copper

Waxed copper is another item that you can make from the honeycomb. Move to the crafting table and put the copper and honeycomb in the middle row to craft the item. Wax copper blocks prevent oxidation of the copper so that it maintains its natural appearance. Additionally, they’re decorative items, making them a good addition to a house.


So, there you have it! Now you know how to get honeycombs in Minecraft and all the other things that come with it. Whether you want to make a beehive or need some of this valuable resource for crafting recipes, now you know exactly where to find it and how to acquire it. With this knowledge, your next adventure in Minecraft should go more smoothly than ever before.

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