How to make a Splash Potion of Weakness in Minecraft

Potions give you a lot of benefits but they have both positive and negative uses. A potion of weakness reduces your attacking potential and allowing you to deal lower damage with the melee weapons. The potion of weakness doesn’t contain too many benefits by itself. On the other hand, its splash potion form can change the disadvantage into an advantage. The Minecraft splash potion of weakness also allows treating those villagers who are converted into zombies.

You can create a splash potion and keep it in your inventory. You need to toss the potion towards monsters or players to make them weak and lessen the damage of their attacks. In case of mass conflict, it can be a solid defense.

If you want to recover a Zombie Villager, you’ll have a Splash Potion of Weakness. You’ll require some difficult-to-find ingredients on hand, but it’ll be good if you’d like to turn the Zombie Village into a livable society.

Players in Minecraft can make a range of potions and items. So, here is the complete guide about how to make a splash potion of weakness Minecraft.

Ingredients to make Splash Potion of Weakness

1. Fermented Spider Eye

The Splash Potion of weakness recipe is very straightforward as compared to other potions. It’s doesn’t demand the creation of an inconvenient potion as a basis. Its main item, fermented spider eye, is difficult to create because it involves the use of brown mushrooms.

2. Water Bottle

To create water bottles, you’ll require glass bottles and access to water. To produce glass bottles, you’ll need to dig up enough sand and burn it in a furnace.

3. Brewing Stand

A brewing stand is required to make your potion. Locating a beneath fortress to discover a blazing rod is the most difficult component of this process.

4. Crafting Table

To complete these kinds of procedures, you’ll have a crafting table with a 3×3 crafting menu.

5. Gunpowder

To turn effect potions into splash potions, gunpowder is employed. After been killed, the Creeper will occasionally drop gunpowder. Try to spot these guys prowling in the nighttime.

6. Blaze Powder

The brewing stand is powered by blaze powder. You will have a little issue getting blaze powder if you find an underground castle with a blaze spawner. The players can only acquire blaze powder by obtaining blazing rods. Blaze mobs are the only option to obtain these rods and you can find these mobs in the Nether at a Nether Fortress.

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How to make Splash Potion of Weakness Minecraft

In an essence, the following are the steps to make a splash potion:

  • Open the brewing stand to make a Minecraft Splash Potion of Weakness.
  • You will require one potion of weakness and one gunpowder in the brewing stand screen option.
  • In the brewing stand menu, just put weakness potion in any of the lower boxes.
  • Afterward, in the top container, place the gunpowder.
  • After you’ve prepared your potion, click on it to add it to your inventory.

Complete Step by Step Guide

Now, let’s dive into the detailed and complete step-by-step process of how to make a Splash Potion of Weakness in Minecraft:

Locate the Brown Mushrooms

Begin by looking for a brown mushroom. Finding a dark oak forest biome is the most reliable way. Brown mushrooms can grow somewhere that is sufficiently dark, such as caves or the nether. Dark oak forest biomes produce big brown mushrooms that are simple to find but also provide enough of these. It’s quite a safe and better way because the burning nether and deep tunnels can be dangerous.

The 2×2 trees and large mushrooms emerging across the trees distinguish dark oak forest biomes. Your hands are capable enough to put a large brown mushroom into the pieces by breaking it down once you own it.

Find Sugarcane to hunt down Spiders

Brown mushrooms are expressly called for in the recipe for fermented spider eyes. After that, you’ll need to find some sugarcane. They are usually located near riverbanks and are often close to a water source block.

Sugarcane can be grown in sand or soil. Gather these and begin searching for spiders. Spider eyes are more difficult to come by, so keep your weapon ready and be prepared to hunt down few spiders.

Search for Green Creepers

You will find a spider eye after finding and eliminating many spiders. After that, you need to search for the green screaming creepers before returning home.

Take caution, not to approach them too closely. To keep them from shattering, use either a crossbow or chase them down with a sword. Kill a few creepers till you acquire enough gunpowder to brew a fermented spider eye at home.

Put all obtained items in the Crafting Menu

Place some sugar cane in a crafting menu to convert it into sugar. To make a fermented spider eye, combine your brown mushroom, spider eye, and sugar in the crafting menu. This recipe does not necessitate the use of a crafting table.

Find some Blaze Rods and Cobblestone

To keep the brewing stand going, you’ll need to find some fire. You can find flames only in the vicinity of a nether fortress. Dodge their blazing shots, move slowly and collect as many blaze rods as possible.

Return back with your blazing rods and grab a few cobblestones. To make a brewing stand, put three cobblestones at the lower part and a blaze rod in the center of the crafting menu.

While you’re at it, make blaze powder out of some of your remaining blaze rods.

Create Glass Bottles

Put the brewing stand in a secure location. Now is the time to manufacture glass bottles. To produce glass pieces, dredge up sufficient sand and heat it in a furnace.

To manufacture glass bottles, position the glass in a “V” form on a crafting table.

Make Potion of Weakness

Carry the glass bottles and fill the water bottles by right-clicking on any water source. Fill the lower positions of the brewing stand with these water bottles. The brewing stand will be powered up by using the blaze powder. Fill the upper spot on the left with blaze powder.


Then, in the highest position, add your fermented spider eye and let it cook. You’ll get three potions of weakness after the completion of the process.

Turn Potions into Splash Potion of Weakness

Just insert gunpowder in the ingredient area to transform these potions into splash potions.

The shape of the bottles will be changed and become throwable when it has done cooking. The impact of the potion doesn’t really persist long enough as compared with a conventional weakness potion, however, the curse power remains the same.

Minecraft Splash Potion of Weakness

When you right-click on a splash potion, it will be thrown. The potions are necessary for treating zombie villagers and you can also start your own community. Keep in mind that these potions have a limited effect region. Weakness is a handicap that, if not managed properly, can make life harder.

Final Thoughts

By using these splash potions, you can recover zombie villagers, reduce other players’ assault strength, or just lessen the harm you receive from a bunch of mobs. Splash potions provide you the ability to apply potion effects to other enemies. Making potions allows you to tackle various issues with a fresh perspective. Experiment to find how much benefit you can get by creating the right potion.

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