How to Fix Elden Ring Network Status Check Failed Error?

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It is not wrong to say that Elden Ring is one of the most significant successful releases in 2022. This action and adventure multiplayer has gained so much fame since its launch, and there are millions of active players enjoying its fantastic storyline with their friends. As it includes an online multiplayer element, there are a vast number of Elden Ring servers controlling the game from different locations. These servers should need to run correctly every time so that players don’t face any issues. However, each platform faces problems because when an enormous number of users put a massive load on a server, they get down sometimes due to any network or other issue.

Why Does Elden Ring Say Network Status Check Failed?

The Elden Ring network status check failed issue is also one of those problems you may face in the game on the server-side. It usually occurs when the Elden Ring servers face a heavy load, and the situation becomes out of their control to maintain the service. When this happens, you may not be able to log into your game and see this “network status check failed” error message. In another scenario, if you are in the game and enjoying the adventure, you may kick out of the game when this issue will occur.

Another reason you face this error is due to your internet connection. Maybe, your network connectivity is weak at that time, or you have some problem. So, it is recommended to first check out your internet by troubleshooting it, and you can do that by following the few steps we have mentioned in the below section. If there is nothing wrong with your internet, it means the problem is with the servers of Elden Ring due to the massive rush of fans on them. In this situation, you can only wait and look towards the developers so that they can roll out the new patch notes and fix the issue.

Is Elden Ring Down? Check Elden Ring Server Status

If you are facing difficulty playing the game due to a network issue, the best thing is to check out the Elden Ring server status. You should need to know whether the servers are running in a good way or having some problem. If the servers are down, everyone will face the same error, and you can not do anything in this situation. It is up to the developers how quickly they solve the issue and release a new update with the fixes.

You can follow the official Twitter account of Elden Ring; whenever a global issue occurs, or the game is down for the maintenance of the servers, the developers always inform their users regarding the situation. You can search out on Twitter if someone other is also facing the network status check failed in Elden Ring.

Moreover, if something wrong happens, the community members immediately start talking about the problems. Regarding the community platforms, nothing is better than Reddit. You can visit the Elden Ring community on Reddit to check what is happening in Elden Ring and its server status.

How to Fix Elden Ring Network Status Check Failed?

If you have found that the issue is only at your end and not for all, try the following steps to fix this Elden Ring error.

Check Your Internet

Anytime you face a network-related issue, no matter which multiplayer game you are playing, you should need to check your internet connection. On many occasions, the internet is the cause of the game performance and ping issues. So, troubleshoot your internet or check the speed to confirm that your wifi is working fine or not.

Restart the Wifi

If everything is properly working on the server’s end and no one else has any problem with the game. Then, you have to do something to fix your issue. Most of the time, restarting the router of your internet connection fixes the network speed issue.

The reason to do this is that whenever you restart your internet, you will be assigned a new IP address by the Internet Service Provider, and your previous IP will change. The same thing will happen to your connection with the game. After that, you will connect with the Elden Ring server from a different route and with a different IP address. So, this step can fix the network status check failed in Elden Ring for you.

Check Background Downloads

The primary thing which consumes a lot of internet and lowers its speed is the downloading process. You should confirm that no one of your family members or friend is downloading anything because it will take almost all of your wifi, and you will face trouble playing the online games.

The other thing which causes the connectivity issue with the servers is background updates of your Windows. Whenever the new updates are released for Windows 10, they start downloading automatically, and we don’t know about them. So, don’t forget to have a look at this as well.

Try a Different Internet Connection

Do you have any other network service in your home? If yes, why not try this one. Maybe, your connected internet is not allowing you to enjoy Elden Ring’s adventure. Doing this may do the job for you.

If you don’t have a second Wifi connection, don’t worry. You can use your mobile data connection. Turn the hotspot on your phone and connect it with your PC. If you can log into your game successfully, then the issue is with your internet connection. You need to contact with ISP company so they will check and solve your internet problems.

Change Your DNS Addresses

Instead of using the default DNS addresses of your service providers, it is good to change them and use Google or Cloudflare DNS addresses. Doing this provides strength to your network connection because there is no other better service than Google.

So if you use Google Public DNS, there will be only minor chances that you will face any trouble regarding the internet connectivity. It can also be one of the fixes to solve the server error message in the game if none of the above has worked for you.

That is all from our side about the Elden Ring network status check failed error, and we have told you some steps so you can try to solve this issue if it is only happening to you. Further, if the game is not working well for you, we have also covered the guide about Elden Ring performance and low FPS issues. I hope our guide will benefit you so you can enjoy the fantastic storylines of the title without any trouble.

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