CoD Modern Warfare 2 Atomograd Raid Guide 2023

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What skeleton in the cupboard does the CoD Modern Warfare 2 Atomograd Raid game cling on to get through Atomograd Raid? Let us decode the answer through this comprehensive guide.

A Short Glimpse of CoD Modern Warfare 2 Atomograd Raid

It has been that sort of beginning to 2023, where we see the Call to Duty series introducing a joint Raid mission into its Spec Ops mode of Modern Warfare 2. This has given special wings to gamers across the globe! Cod Modern Warfare 2 Atomograd Raid has gained much traction amongst gamers. You can also enjoy playing this fantastic game by partnering up with the best game-boosting services website called kboosting.

Now, diverting our attention to our review chronicle on Cod Modern Warfare 2 Atomograd Raid. This makes me excited to share the details with you. It was on the historic day of 14th December 2022 when Call of Duty came up with the latest update for Season 1 Reloaded in Modern Warfare 2. Do you know what makes CoD Modern Warfare 2 Atomograd Raid special? It is the introduction of Raids.

In simple terms, Raids are Special Ops missions that get a spotlight in CoD Modern Warfare 2 Atomograd Raid. These are two-hour episodic missions that consist of bloodshed and puzzle-solving.

What makes Atomograd different from others is a cooperative mission requiring squadmates to solve difficult puzzles, utilize great communication skills, and work in unison to get the desired results. But, the most important thing that players would need to enter Atomgrad Raids is a Raid Assignment.

What is the Role of Raids in CoD Modern Warfare 2?

When compared to Destiny 2, the Raids in Modern Warfare 2 will have a continuing role in the story. You can play in trio mode and enjoy the game to the fullest. Episode One: Atomgrad came on 14th December last year and Season 1 Reloaded.

According to the grapevine, a brand new Raid episode will be introduced for each forthcoming season of Modern Warfare 2. In total, this game will have a total of five seasons.

A point to remember: Only the party leader has access to the Raid assignment. And only they can commence a Raid.

Here is a step-by-step flow to get one in Modern Warfare 2:

  • Finish the Raid Assignment Challenge in Modern Warfare 2.
  • You can use the DMZ mode to utilize the final extract helicopter with a minimum of $30,000 in cash.
  • Accomplish the mission to be amongst the top 20 in Warzone 2.

Once you prize out this task, you will become entitled to access a Raid assignment, and you and your squadmates will get Raid for a week. Isn’t that wonderful news?

How Does Atomgrad Raid in CoD Modern Warfare 2 Work

When you are into the Atomgrad Raid, you and your other two squadmates need to get through an underground facility, complete water puzzles, and finish enemies. This will require a lot of teamwork and cooperation between all of you.

Do you know the amazing thing about Atomgrad Raid’s puzzles? They are totally randomized on every new playthrough and alter many times when you are in the play zone. Therefore, if you think you can learn a pattern and get through the stage, you are absolutely wrong! Players will have to use certain basic methodologies and mechanics to solve the hurdles in the game.

The first hurdle you will come up against in the Atomgrad Raid is to access the doors to a submarine. As you complete the Raid, a harder level will get unlocked. The good news is you only need two teammates to be at your side to succeed at the hard level.

Everything You Wish to Learn About Raids in CoD Modern Warfare 2

If you have already played CoD Modern Warfare 2 Atomograd Raid in Spec Ops mode, you will find an uncanny similarity between Raids when it comes to gameplay. They even share specific functionalities like Tier Kits. The good news is that Raids will continue to emerge as the full-grown hero in the game instead of appearing in off-the-book missions.

When it comes to the First Raid (Atomgrad), you will see Prince, Farah, and Gaz entering a tight facility and unraveling a mystery. Players get a chance to earn rewards for finishing the Raids. This will allow them to unlock the more difficult Raid options. However, before the players set their eyes on gaining the chance to access Raid, it is imperative for them to get a Raid Key.

Shortcut to Procure the Raid Key

A major caveat: Once players get their hands on a Raid Key, they have complete access for a full week. Once that period is over, they need to get the Raid Key again if they wish to play the game further.

Most important thing: Only one player must have a Raid Key. This will allow the entire squad of players to access the game. So, the best thing you can do is ask your squad to obtain a weekly Raid Key on an individual basis so that your fun playing this amazing game does not stop.

Here are some of the tasks you need to accomplish to procure the Raid Key to proceed further in CoD Modern Warfare 2 Atomograd Raid.

Accomplish a Specific Task Daily

You can get the Raid Key by accomplishing a specific daily task. This is true whether you play the game as a multiplayer or Spec Ops. The challenges you face will change every week. So, the best resort in such a situation for the players is to get a specific number of kills in Multiplayer. You can take the assistance of the EBR-14 to accomplish that, or you need to earn a specific number of Stars in Spec Ops.

Get Your Position in the Top 20 In Warzone 2

If you are a Warzone 2 fan, you will love this stipulation of getting a Raid Key. You must breach the Top 20 list in a Warzone 2 match. Can it get any easier than this?

If you are still learning the tricks to become the winner, here are some tips for winning a Warzone 2 match before you try this challenge.

Releasing the Final Helicopter with $30,000 in DMZ

Releasing in DMZ is perhaps the bravest thing players will ever attempt to do while playing CoD Modern Warfare 2 Atomograd Raid. Reason? The heartless AI enemies will cut down the players with ultra-sharp meticulousness.

A Step-by-Step Guide on Atomgard Raid Walkthrough in CoD Modern Warfare 2

Here are some steps to help you get more information on Atomgard Raid in CoD Modern Warfare 2 Atomgrad Raid game.

Step Inside the Subterranean Bunker

The game starts with three companions, you and two more who are assuming the roles of Farah, Gaz, and Prince. You enter the bunker to find a wide hallway that is strongly guarded. This is where the Raid begins. You need to move towards the right-hand direction while eliminating the enemy either covertly or in a battle of fires.

In any case, when you have defeated all the adversaries and reached the finish stage of the traid, there are enormous steel doors in the sea that block your journey ahead.

To solve a puzzle and move through the facility, reach to the right-hand side of these enormous doors to find a typical twin door you must enter.

Make the Elemental Code Entry to Unlock the Underwater Craft Doorways

A device that displays characters from the alphabet originated from Russian Cyrillic, a series of closed-circuit television camera screens, and a device for entering codes are all located in this room.

The Russian characters are a cipher that must be broken using CCTV cameras, and a screen similar to the one in the center of the photo showcases the cipher’s solutions.

Finding the numbers that match the alphabetical characters on the machine and entering them into the machine to the right-hand side of the first closed-circuit television camera screen are your duties in this situation.

Players will quickly understand that the alphabetical characters displayed on the opening overhead projector must fully provide the solution to your next chain of action. The reason is, you must find a totally separate set of CCTV screens to locate a different key that converts the alphabetical characters into cardinal numbers.

A red button opens a shutter door to the right-hand side of the device you are supposed to enter the code into to the right of the machine.

You can interact with yet another set of closed-circuit television camera screens in this room. To access a different set of characters and numbers, go to a different camera that looks similar to the one from the initial camera sets. You will surely decipher the code using either of these screens.

If you find the machine’s code having more than three personas, the next step you should carry out is to search through both keys to determine which one of these three alphabetical characters corresponds to which number. The remainder of the letters can be snubbed because these are the key components of the code.

Once you have determined which letters include numbers, enter them so that they appear in the left to right order in the sequence of letters. Three sequences must be decoded, and three codes must be entered into the device. Once a player has input the right code, the computer will store their fingerprint, and he/she will no longer be able to utilize it.

This implies that either of the teammates must insert the fresh code. You can enter the area housing a submarine once the door has been opened and each squad member has entered a code.

Making Progress Inside the Submerged Space

To access the section with the underwater craft, enter the recently opened underwater craft doors. You must take the air tank to complete the objective. You must enter the reservoir and navigate a submerged space while holding the air tank. Utilize the air tank to extend your underwater time if you begin to drown. To ensure success, make sure to distribute it to your team.

After the brief tunnel diversion, you will ultimately come to another place where you must unlock a screen door to pass through. You will be required to dive to the outside and locate a generator because there is no power in the area. There is a network of connections that you can follow to reach the generator and the buttons it powers.

You can press the preliminary button and clutch it down to unlock the screen door once the generator runs. Players who stay behind can liberate their button and pass by side of the door by following the wires and finding another button on the opposite side.

The good news: The generator will remain only operational for a predetermined period, but even if it shuts off—you have to visit it again and use it as you did the initial time. Follow the main pathway to exit the reservoir chain of events and reach the armory once the entire squad has passed through the door.

Battle Inside the Arms Depot

When you are inside the arms depot, get ready for combat. Before selecting to open the vault door and engage a fleet of opponents, you can obtain fresh weapons from the surrounding lockers. A Juggernaut is one of these foes; therefore, get ready to battle the powerfully fortified opponent.

After disposing of all the opponents, you will come across a closed door that can be opened by going into the territory across the hallway on the left-hand side and pushing a large red button. You will notice a hole inside the earth that will take you to the next place.

Register the Next Code Course After Activating the Bunker Blast Door

Pass through the dugout in the earth to access a flooded region near a bunker blast door. You may locate the identical devices outside the whack door that you had to insert the code into at the beginning of the raid. The device that is supposed to give you the code is turned off and needs the beneficiaries to be turned on to showcase the code for you to read.

The room you noticed with the projected abstracts on the security cameras back with the initial code sequence may be found by moving to the right of the code reader until you locate an entrance you can climb up onto. Turn on the device, and then make your way through a swamp shaft to the room’s left.

The same machine is in another chamber, which you will discover. By turning on both receivers, the code translator at the bunker door will be powered, and the code translations will be projected on the screen.

After activating the code, you must follow the same procedure as the initial code order sequence: ask a player to study the code while the remaining ones explain the meanings of three symbols. To move forward, enter them on the code device in the proper order.

As before, you must repeat this process three times, however, this time there is a caveat of time restriction for each cipher. If this is not met, it will cause the code sequence to change. You have one minute with the first cipher, 45 seconds with cyber 2, and 25 seconds with the last cipher.

If a sequence fails, there is no need to start over from the beginning because the retribution is simply to attempt that cipher afresh. Be ready to swap out with your teammates when inputting a new code because your character’s fingermarks will be inserted when you enter the code, just like the original code machine. To your detriment, adversaries and Bomb Drones will advance toward you after inputting the initial code.

Protect the Vault Blast Portals

Reassemble at the vault blast portals after you have entered all three codes. As the doors open, you will have 4 minutes to protect them. You will have to protect yourself from adversaries and explosive drones.

You must disarm the bomb before it prevents the door from opening because if an adversary gets too close to comfort, they will plant one on the machine. Each and every member of your squad must engage with the blast portals once the door has been opened to move on to the next chamber.

Once you’ve accomplished the Raid, a cutscene will play in which Alex is nowhere to be seen. Next, you see the crew searching for an operational nuclear missile inside the ostensibly deserted Soviet vault.

When completing the assignment for the initial phase and receiving an unintended Raid Honor, completing the Raid will unlock the Gaz Operator.

Concluding Thoughts

CoD Modern Warfare 2 Atomograd Raid is one of the best action games ever. Its unique features and thrilling objectives make gamers love it even more. We wish you all the best in accomplishing your objectives while playing this enthralling game.

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