Pubg Mobile Controller Support: Best Available Options

Most mobile gamers choose not to play games on their Android and iOS devices using a touchscreen. Many shooting mobile games have controller support to help solve this issue. Moreover, the touchscreen also has some limitations. As in present time, PUBG Mobile is the most demanding in the market right. For all its lovers, we are here with the PUBG Mobile controller support options. What chances are available to play this game with a controller?

Over the last several years, mobile gaming has made a lot of progress, with many top hit games like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, and Call of Duty Mobile providing console-quality gaming environments on mobile phones. Without a second thought, PUBG Mobile is the most popular and most playing mobile shooting game. Any player, regardless of skill scale, will advantage from using a controller to play PUBG or indeed any game. So the main question for the players who don’t like to play with touchscreen is that:

Does PUBG Mobile Have Controller Support?

The main question which comes in gamers who don’t want to play with touchscreen is “Does PUBG have controller support?” So, here is the answer, officially announced from Tencent and Bluehole, controllers, mobile gamepads, and Bluetooth controllers are not officially supported by the PUBG Mobile. It officially does not support PS4. Certain plug-ins and tools may be used to fix this problem, but they are not officially endorsed and can result in your account being suspended.

Is PUBG Mobile Controller Compatible?

PUBG PC Controller Support: PUBG Mobile doesn’t have the function to support the Bluetooth controllers on iOS and Android. But the one way to play PUBG Mobile with a controller is to use PC emulators like Gameloop (old Tencent Gaming Buddy), Bluestacks, Memu, or Phoenix OS, etc. These are the android emulators through them you can play any android game on your PC or Laptop.

But when playing on an emulator, you will only be matched with players who are also emulator players not with the Android or iOS players. Here is the official tweet from PUBG Mobile:

To ensure fair gameplay, players on emulators will only be matched with one another and not with players on mobile devices. Groups with at least one player using an emulator will also only be matched with one another and not with groups that use only mobile devices.

— PUBG MOBILE (@PUBGMOBILE) April 13, 2018

PUBG Mobile Controller Support for Android

For mobile players, the solution is to try to use physical controllers. These controllers fit around your mobile and will press the screen for you with the help of your fingers.

These controllers are made to work with the secondary buttons. To move around, you still need to use your thumbs. If you feel it inconvenient to have to stop your running motion to hit another key, it contains those triggers that will exert pressure on the screen and perform the task for you.

Which controller is best for PUBG Mobile?

Officially, the PUBG Mobile does not support controllers but many companies are developing which you can use to play without tapping on the screen. There are many best controllers available in the market and you can easily buy them.

The controllers come in two types: with just the clips and others that completely fit your mobile phones. These will help you to easily grip the device and play PUBG or any other your favorite mobile game.

Instead of using triggers, you also have another best option to grab a joystick for your phone to games. You can find them more easily without hunting for too much. But they will prevent you from sprinting in PUBG and may obstruct a large portion of the display on smaller devices. They are also very cheap, so PUBG lovers don’t need to worry about buying and try one. Below I’m going to tell you some best Pubg Mobile controllers.

1. Flydigi Apex Wireless Controller

Flydigi Apex Wireless Controller (Pubg Mobile Controller Support)

The Flydigi Apex is a fantastic controller with Bluetooth 4.0 and 2.4GHz wireless connectivity. The 6-axis accelerometer and gyro-sensor on the Flydigi Apex provide outstanding control when moving and trigger fly mouse mode.

It supports individual sensitivity control, allowing for more accurate targeting in FPS games. To give you the ultimate gaming experience, the Flydigi Apex controller features 23 buttons which include front-facing C and Z buttons, plus four additional buttons on the back for mobile gaming.

It also includes an excellent rechargeable battery with effective power consumption, allowing you to play for an extended period of time. It can be used for Bluetooth connections for up to 160 hours after being fully charged.

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2. Mobile Game Controller w/ L1R1 L2R2 Triggers

L1R1 L2R2 Triggers (Does Pubg Mobile have Controller Support?)

The efficient cooling fan protects your mobile from overheating, reduces heat latency, and extends the phone’s and battery’s life span. To switch the fan on or off, tap the switch button located on the back for 2 seconds.

Simply click the L1 R1 controls with your index fingers to perform simultaneous firing, aiming, running, and jumping operations. This trigger is compatible with many mobile games such as PUBG Mobile, Critical Ops, Call Of Duty Mobile, Knives Out, Rules of Survival, Terminator 2 Judgment Day, Cross Fire, Survivor Royale, etc. until the game lets you configure and drag the buttons, you’re good to go.

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3. COOBILE Mobile Game Controller

COOBILE Mobile Game Trigger

While PUBG Mobile does not yet have complete controller support, this incredibly inexpensive gamepad comes close. It has two triggers on the back and secure handles. The telescoping rear side will accommodate devices up to 3.35 inches high, and some variants also have fans and charging ports.

You can adjust the game activity screen by flipping up the trigger. This is the product’s main selling point. This feature is not available on many other manufacturers’ controllers. This PUBG Mobile game controller can be contracted and expanded, and it’s reliable for most smartphones. It is compliant with phones ranging in size from 4.5 to 6.5 inches in width, with a maximum width of 3.35 inches.

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4. EMISH Game Triggers

EMISH Mobile Game PUBG Triggers

These basic game triggers can do the job for you if you do not like to bring a controller which includes complete Bluetooth functionality. They attach to the upper end of your smartphone, allowing you to aim and keep moving without having to rely on uncomfortable claw grip tactics.

It has a soft rubber designed to secure the phone and keep it steady while gaming. EMINE triggers are also simple to set up and enable you to maintain a powerful hold on your phone. The controls are on the rear side of the screen, so players can click them with their fingertips instead of twisting the phone. Also after a long period of time, the ergonomic design offers a relaxing environment.

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5. DELAM Mobile Game Controller

DELAM Mobile Game Controller (Does PUBG have controller support) You can even apply more than 4 fingers to conquer the competition with the DELAM PUBG mobile controller. The DELAM controller, like the COOBILE W10, is designed to look like it’s a classic console controller. DELAM’s trigger is considerably bigger, heavier, and stronger than the previously stated alternative.

The device and DELAM controller are securely fixed across three contact points wrapped in rubber pads to protect the phone from slipping, and they will not click or damage your phone’s on/off button or volume keys. It can be turned to 180° for simple installation and customization of button layout without having to remove the phone.

DELAM gamepad is made specifically for smartphone shooting games; it converts your phone into a standard Xbox or PlayStation console, making it easy for large hands and preventing hand cramps. The phone’s side will not be blocked, allowing you to recharge it while gaming.

When you’re playing intense survival games, don’t you hate it when the charging cable interferes? They’ve considered everything. Since the trigger key is located on the back rather than the shoulder, there is an angle and gap in between the index fingers and the wire that will not conflict with your activity.

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How do I play PUBG Mobile with a controller?

The above-mentioned triggers are not too much hard to install on your phone. But before going straight into the match, you have to do one thing. So, follow these PUBG Mobile controller settings to get started. To adjust the fire buttons on the exact trigger area, go to the settings>customize and set your fire buttons at the exact place.

Look at the bottom right section of your screen and select the Settings button. Then choose the Controls option from the menu and then tap on Customize to adjust the controls. All you have to do is shift the buttons on your PUBG Mobile controller to activate them. Move them to the top of the screen, where your triggers will be able to completely touch them.


For regular fans of the game, PUBG Mobile controller support has a more intuitive atmosphere. Its been now more than three years since PUBG Mobile was released but there is no official announcement from Tencent and Quantum that they will add controller support.

So the option is to use any physical controller, some best are mentioned above. You can buy any from them which you like.

Are Pubg Triggers Legal?

Actually, Gaming Triggers, Hacks, and Consoles are not legal in tournaments. But in the case of if you are going to play in any PUBG tournament, then you can use PUBG triggers for normal gaming.

Can You Get Banned For Using Controller on Mobile?

No, there is no reason because we are not cheating, we only use the controller as an External Part of a Device that does not belong to Pubg. So don’t worry. You will not get banned using any controller on your mobile.

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