Managed File Transfers Vs Other Sharing Methods: Which is Better?

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Since the internet took over the corporate world, business file sharing has become very common in the industry. Numerous options in the market offer security of your data and other perks. However, if you are not tech-savvy, it can be very difficult for you to understand the mechanics of such servers as they are confusing and a bit technical. However, if you are new, consider using Managed File Transfer (MFT), as it’s simple and easy to understand. Visit to learn more about managed file transfer. The following discussion will help you understand MFT servers compared to other options and why one is better than all.

Type of Sharing Methods

There are several options available when sharing data between two computers. But, of course, your business model also dictates these methods. Following are some of the popular sharing methods of files or data.

File Transfer Protocol

This is one of the most popular and common methods of sharing data between companies. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) dedicates a server where a company can upload its data and grant access to authorized individuals. It is still considered the most secure way of transferring files between two computers. The uploader uploads the data on a secure server and generates a unique password which is then shared with the concerned party. FTP offers more control over your data, provides excellent data, and the user can share large files without hesitation.

Cloud Based Sharing

The basic principle is the same as FTPs, but cloud storage offers more reliability and accessibility. In cloud-based sharing, the files are uploaded to a cloud server and can be viewed by allowed personnel. However, the other party doesn’t need a separate computer or server registration to download the files. This is because FTP relies on local servers, whereas cloud sharing is done through secure remote servers. As a result, file transfer is faster and more secure.

Managed File Transfer

MFT server can best describe some extra security layers on an FTP server. FTP servers on their own are vulnerable; anyone can crack the password and user name. This is why Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) or SSH was developed to make the data more secure on these servers. However, MFT has a core of built-in protocols that provide extra layers of security. The server is also compliant with federal laws when it comes to the online sharing of data.

The Best Option

Deciding the best options in file sharing servers depends on your business and usage. For example, if you are a small organization, then FTP and cloud options are all you need; however, for large organizations and government departments, MFT is the ideal choice. MFT has built-in encryption protocols like SFTP, HTTPS, OFTP, SCP, and AS2. These encryptions are an add-on for other sharing options and not standard protocols, which might make it expensive for the business.

In short, using MFT servers is the best choice if you want extra peace of mind and added security for your sensitive data.

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