Curse Of Binding Minecraft: How It Works In Minecraft?

Curse of Binding Minecraft is an enchantment in the game that stops players from removing cursed items from their inventory once they have been equipped.

The Curse of Binding is perhaps the most difficult to deal with of all the enchantments. You can do pranks with your teammates, opponents, and even mobs.

Curse enchantments can be very harsh, having a bad impact on the cursed piece of equipment. Curse of Binding components of gear restricts players from removing them after they’ve been put on.

It implies that it is impossible to unequip the item which is cursed until the player dies, the item breaks, or the player enters creative mode, regardless of how many times they try.

Curse of Binding Minecraft enchantment can be a misery for naive or inexperienced players, and it permits hostile players to do a little taunting on them.

Some Details About Curse of Binding Minecraft

The Curse of Binding is an enchantment that, when equipped, actually links the cursed item to the player. It is not possible to remove it with an Anvil. The three possible ways to get rid of it for now are:

  • Player’s death
  • Item break
  • Entering the Creative Mode

When you’re in Survival Mode, you can only get rid of this enchantment by breaking the item or by dying. Because Carved Pumpkins and Elytra have no endurance, if you equip one with Curse of Binding and place it on your player, it will stay there.

It can be used on anything that is utilized in some manner. When used on weaponry or equipment, it has no effect on the players. The following list shows which things are susceptible to the Curse of Binding.

  • Carved Pumpkins
  • Hats
  • Leggings
  • Boots
  • Chestplates
  • Elytra
  • Player/mob heads

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How Curse of Binding Works in Minecraft

Curse of Binding enchanted items is difficult to eliminate until if the item breaks or the player who has the item worn dies.

The item can be removed by Minecraft players who can rapidly switch to creative mode. If that’s not achievable, the preferred option is to secure all other valuables in a chest.

If you want to remove the item, Minecraft players should need to die. The users with a keen eye may believe that disenchanting the object with a grindstone will eliminate the curse. If a player tries to accomplish this, the item will deliver to them with the curse still attached.

Use Curse of Binding Enchantment in Minecraft to Troll Players

Image Credit: Minecraft

In Minecraft, Curse of Binding is not an awful thing because it lets you pull a prank on others. When carved pumpkins are equipped, they substantially decrease how well a player be able to see.

The Minecraft lovers should need an associated enchantment book and an anvil to bind a carved pumpkin with a Curse of Binding.

Then, Minecraft players can attempt to persuade other players to wear the cursed carved pumpkin. The players can use the dispenser to forcefully deploy the item onto the other player. The player will be trapped with a carved pumpkin on their head after the item is equipped.

Death is the only option for the other player if he wants to get rid of the carved pumpkin from his head. Because this is a horrible scam, take that statement as a caution about what evil people can really do.

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How to get the Curse of Binding Enchantment

Like many other enchantments in Minecraft, the players will have to make some efforts to get the Curse of Binding.

Remember, Curse of Binding is a valuable enchantment so you can only obtain it from chest loot, fishing, raid rewards. The other method is to purchase it from the librarian villager using emeralds.

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