Time has Come for an Intelligent Power Management System for Your Data Center

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Along with optimizing efficiencies and maintaining uptime, the data center industry is under pressure to meet clients’ increasing demands. To enhance operations, meet sustainability objectives, and proactively manage risks, an intelligent power management system is essential for delivery and real-time visibility of equipment and power status for improving operations. The latest data center news is that heads of data center and colocation operators have started incorporating power digitization into server rooms and electrical facilities.

The data center may digitalize power management in various ways. Digital improvements are possible for transfer switches, service entrances, switchgear connectors, Transformers, and panels in the electrical room. On the side of the server room, power infrastructure instrumentation like the Power Distribution unit and uninterruptible power supply is more common. In addition, intelligent electrical sensors and metering, along with an electrical distribution system for capturing the electrical system’s performance and related data, are under use. Monitoring software and power management tools are used for analyzing the data in real time. You will get all the data as and when it happens. There is no delay of any kind.

Power Digitization Gives You Peace of Mind

By providing intellect to the electrical system of data center operations, colocation providers and data center heads gain significant benefits regarding business operations. These include the following:

  • Enhanced safety: When the data center electrical system is improperly operated, configured, and maintained, the risk of downtime increases along with the possibility of damage to an on-sight employee and the plant equipment. Digitization of the data center system helps optimize individuals’ safety and assets that further contribute to the improvement of business continuity and reliability. For instance, strategically placed sensors monitor abnormal temperature rise and alert individuals of any thermal problem before an electrical fire or flash destroys tools or injures people.
  • Few chances of downtime: If you go by reports of international institutions, you will see that around 60% of data Centre failure results in total loss of information. In addition to this, the recovery costs are very high, and that’s the reason why most companies cannot get access to their earlier information. Uptime Institute emphasizes that power-related outage accounts for 40% of an outage, which is significant.

One way an intelligent electrical distribution system addresses the issue is by bringing precision to the capacity management of data centers. The approach helps data center operators by offering visibility regarding the electrical unit. Whether it is overutilization or underutilization, if it is underutilized, the electrical asset represents expenses that are not offering a return on your investment. On the other hand, circuit overload mainly results in unanticipated downtime if it is overutilized.

  • Better reporting: If you want to gain the advantage of electrical distribution systems, you must take the help of digitization. It demonstrates how compliant your company is with quality standards set by higher institutions. The software helps track the electrical system performance and determine the quality of power incidents in the data center, whether minor or severe. The software further classifies those events and generates a report, which may be used for addressing utilities and requests regarding the distortion of the operating system. Such insights help data center owners to avoid unnecessary surcharges or fines. It improves safety and adds to the benefit of the owner.
  • Higher efficiency: Instrumentation of the data center electrical system helps data center owners monitor their operations. For any time range, be it daily, hourly, monthly or weekly. As a result, collocation managers may fine-tune power along with the performance of a cooling system to drive high overall system efficacy. Devices like metered racks also allow environmental management of pods and stand at the level of a circuit to further improve efficiency. In addition to this, the capability to segregate potential problems into one course means that the operators may react to troubleshooting and alarms effectively and quickly.
  • Improve sustainability: If you desire to grow your enterprise fast and streamline, data center management is necessary. You must target shareholders, collocation tense, and regulators to control and document carbon emissions. By gathering relevant and accurate information from intelligent meters, these centers may prepare the grounds for effective energy management. It will go a long way in ensuring the sustainable use of energy.

A Data Center is energy intensive. It requires high power, with a cooling level very different from ordinary office buildings. As a result, investment in these areas will never go in vain. Investments in this field will be appropriate if you want to gather relevant, accurate data and secure the same for your future operation. Using modern advancements in science and technology, you can automate data acquisition and monitoring. Using existing technologies and networks, energy information is consolidated and distributed to distinct users through many tools. The procedure simplifies the gathering of information and its overall management.

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