Discord Javascript Error Here are the Best Ways to Resolve this Error

Discord Javascript Error: Here are the Best Ways to Resolve this Error?

Are you facing the problem of getting a Discord Javascript error? Don’t worry; you are not the only user who has trouble with this.

Discord is the most common and popular application due to its user-friendly and simple interface. Gamers mainly use it to communicate with their teammates when playing popular multiplayer and PC games.

But most of the time, the users face a Discord fatal Javascript error. Sometimes, it occurs with the message “A fatal Javascript error occurred” or maybe with “A Javascript error occurred in the main process.” Usually, the persons face this error on Discord startup, and these are the most common Discord Javascript Errors. However, the error pop-up window displays the information about the issue, but an average user can’t understand this.

Discord fatal Javascript error

Are you also facing this Javascript error on Discord? Are you here to find a suitable solution to resolve this? You are in the right place. After reading this complete guide based on the fixes of this fatal Javascript error, you will be able to rerun your Discord the same way you were using it before. So, please don’t waste time, and let’s get started.

What are the Reasons for Discord Javascript Error?

We don’t precisely know the leading cause of this error. Although, there can be several reasons which are responsible for this Discord Fatal Javascript error. These may be:

  • Most of the time, the reason for this error is the Discord corrupt installation or settings. Maybe, it’s also because of any other service or application preventing Discord from functioning correctly. You may have installed an Antivirus that is the cause.
  • Discord’s core operations rely on the Windows Audio Video Experience service. Maybe, the service is not running at the time of the error, so check out at once whether this service is running or not.
  • You don’t need to run the Discord application as an Administrator. It leads to the issue in most cases. So, launch it straight away.

For many individuals, the issue gets resolved by simply reinstalling the app. But if that’s not the case for you, you should need to find out the cause by troubleshooting and applying some fixes given below.

1. Delete Discord Files In AppData and LocalAppData

Most of you already know that the applications store some temporary files on the computer that allow the software to run smoothly and properly. The same case is with the Discord application; it also saves provisional data on your system.

In some cases, these temp files get corrupted and prevent the programs from running them correctly. So, the first fix is to delete these temporary files, which may cause the Discord Javascript error. Follow the below steps to do this process:

  • First, head over to the Task Manager and close the Discord app if it is already running.


  • Find Discord files in the AppData folder, there are two ways to do that.
  • First, type ‘Run‘ in the bottom search bar of windows and select the Run app from the results. The shortcut key to open this Run box is “Windows key + R.”

AppData Folder

  • Either way, a small pop-up box will appear, now type %appdata% in the Run box and hit Enter or click on OK. After this, the AppData folder will open. You need to locate the folder here named Discord and delete this folder.
  • Another method to reach the AppData folder is by moving to this location: C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming
  • After deleting the folder, close the window and open the Run box again. This time, type %localappdata% and again click OK or hit Enter key.
  • You will see a Discord folder there, delete this folder also and close the tab.
  • After confirming that all files are deleted completely, restart the computer and run Discord by following the installation wizard steps. Your error may resolve with this.

2. Launch Discord Without Administrative Permissions

In most scenarios, the Discord application properly operates if it is not opened as an Administrator. It means opening Discord by using Administrative privileges may cause the Javascript error in Discord. So, try to launch the application directly without providing Administrative permissions and check whether the error occurs or not.

But remember, you need to make some changes before launching Discord without Administrative permissions. Follow the below steps:

  • Head over to the location where your Discord application has been installed. Right-click on Discord.exe and open its properties.


  • From there, select the Compatibility tab and uncheck the box just in front of the “Run this program as an administrator.” After completing this step, click OK to save the changes.

3. Your Antivirus Maybe The Cause Of Discord Javascript Error

It’s viral regarding several Antivirus software that affects some important installation files of Discord and quarantines those files instantly when the Discord app is installed.

It means the app will lose some essential files, and installation will not finish successfully. So, in this case, when you run the application, you will face the Discord Javascript error message. The “Discord_voice” is the most typical file that is attacked by antivirus software.

But we have a friendly and easy solution to tackle this issue in the form of antivirus bypass. To do this, open your antivirus and head over to its quarantine section, where only those files are placed targeted or quarantined by the antivirus.

However, there is a unique approach for every antivirus to allow the files. Here, we are considering the most commonly used and famous application, Avast antivirus, to describe the process of whitelisting.

  • After opening the Avast, click on the “Protection” tab.

Javascript error Discord

  • You will see many other options within this tab. Locate the “Virus Chest” known as Quarantine in many other Antiviruses but not the same here.

Discord installation failed due to antivirus

  • When you click on “Virus Chest,” you will be able to see a collection of files that the antivirus has considered dangerous. That’s why Avast has quarantined all those files. If you need to restore any file of any application which antivirus has targeted, this is where you will find those files.
  • From now, the trickiest part takes place. You need to find all the Discord files from the list. All of those will contain the term discord in their names. So, this will help you to locate all of them.
  • When you find the Discord files to restore, hover over the file and click on the three dots.
  • After clicking on dots, you will see a drop-down menu. From here, choose the “Restore and add exception” option so the file will get restored to its original installation location.

Adding Discord As An Exception In Antivirus

Once you have safely listed the Discord, you may not want that your antivirus will again become the cause of this fatal Javascript error Discord. You can stop this by adding a folder as an exception in Avast, which instructs antivirus that the installation files of Discord are safe to use.

By doing so, anytime you download and install your Discord app in the future, the antivirus will not target any files, and installation will complete successfully. Here is how you can add it as an exception in Avast:

  • Again open your Avast software.
  • After that, select the menu icon from the top right corner and head over to Settings.
  • Once you are in the Settings area, please move to the General tab by clicking on it.
  • Within the General section, you will find a “Exceptions” option. Please select this option to move into it.

Fatal Javascript error Discord

  • When you enter the Exceptions area, you will see there is a button with Add Exception option. It allows us to add any folders as exceptions to tell antivirus that they are not harmful to the computer. After that, you can use those files easily without any problem.
  • Click on “ADD EXCEPTION” and browse the Discord folder to add it to Avast. After locating the folder, click on “Add Exception” to complete the process.
  • Now you are good to go, relaunch your Discord, and keep enjoying it by communicating with your friends. You will not face any errors due to the antivirus after that.

4. Reinstall Your Discord Again

Suppose you are facing the Discord Javascript error when the app is installed correctly. Then, reinstalling it again is the most acceptable approach, which is also a very straightforward process.

If you are very much aware of using Windows, then I hope that you also know how to uninstall any program from the system. But you have to eradicate it from the computer and delete every Discord file from the PC. Follow the below process for that:

  • Type the control panel in the bottom Search tab and click on the “Control Panel” option to open it.

Discord a fatal javascript error

  • When you are in Control Panel, click on “Uninstall a program” just below the Programs option.
  • After selecting this option, you will see a long list of all programs currently installed on your computer.
  • From the list, find Discord and right-click on it. After that, you will see an Uninstall option, click on it and follow the instructions on Wizard to remove it from the system.
  • After uninstalling the Discord from the Control Panel, open the Run window again, type %appdata%, and hit Enter to open it.
  • Locate the Discord folder and delete it.
  • Open the Run box again and type %localappdata% for this time and again click OK or hit Enter key to open it.
  • Remove the folder named Discord also from this section.
  • Now, you have successfully uninstalled Discord from your computer.
  • After that, go to Discord’s official website and download the latest version of it. After downloading, install the Discord app by following the same method as you have done it before by following the Wizard instructions.
  • This time, we hope that you will not see Discord’s fatal Javascript error and will be able to use it without any trouble.

Discord Javascript Error: Final Words

That concludes our discussion! Those as mentioned above are the best ways to resolve the fatal Javascript error on Discord. These strategies are not limited to Discord Javascript errors. Any problem you face related to Discord, apply these fixes, and we hope that your mistake will resolve.

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