OnePlus N300 Would Charge More Quickly than Most High-end Phones

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Some information about the OnePlus N300, the company’s upcoming cheap smartphone, has leaked. Since this discovery, we might speculate that the phone will support quick charging, a feature lacking in many high-end mobile phones.

Regarding the new OnePlus N300, the company is remaining pretty quiet. However, we have collected information about one key specification. The phone will reportedly support 33W wired charging, as reported by The Verge. A budget device with such a quick charge ability is exceptionally unusual. It likely puts it ahead of the many premium expensive phones such as Apple iPhone 14, Google Pixel 7 Pro, and Samsung Galaxy S22.

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The Mediatek chipset and 90Hz refresh rate display are also believed to be included in the latest phone.  If true, it will be the first OnePlus handset released with a MediaTek processor in North America.

Low-priced smartphones, especially in the United States, often prioritize long-lasting battery or a large display other than the hardware specifications. As a result, to make the device within a low price tag, performance often suffers, and extras including fast charging are uncommon.

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The quality and pricing of OnePlus’s latest flagship smartphones have been inconsistent, however, the company’s affordable Nord lineup models have made good success in the market.  The N20 in fact is a refined and savvy technology product thanks to its superior OLED display and quick charge features. Although what we’ve seen thus far is encouraging, we still don’t know what the OnePlus N300 would provide.

At the time of this writing, we don’t know when the N300 will be available or how much it will cost. Although, its forerunner, the OnePlus N200, costs $239. In all likelihood, the N300 might cost about the same as the N200.

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