Lenovo Hints Rollable Display for its Future Laptops and Phones

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Lenovo has demonstrated a novel use for flexible rollable display, which is widely expected to become commonplace soon.

Using rolling technology, the firm has presented a phone and laptop that can be easily rolled up and unrolled. Even a casual observer might conclude that the gadget is morphing into a new form, and they wouldn’t be entirely wrong. This optical illusion is created by the displays’ flexibility, which allows them to move and fold in on themselves.

The base model of Motorola’s handset is just 4 inches tall, making it ideal for a pocket, but with only a button press, the OLED display grows to the more common 6.5-inch size. The user can return the device to its compact state with a single additional tap. According to the manufacturer, it is equally functional in both sizes thanks to responsive design.

Additionally, Lenovo showed out a laptop that can be rolled up. In the demonstration, the notebook first displays in landscape mode. In contrast, a single click transforms the display into a more prominent vertical direction, ideal for reading papers or watching vertical-mode videos.

Lenovo’s vice president of design, Brian Leonard, confirms that users will benefit from “an unexpected manner of hyper-tasking for efficiency” thanks to the laptop’s flexibly modifying information and far bigger display.

Let me tell you that Lenovo is just considering releasing these gadgets as experiments. And besides, the firm’s mobile subsidiary, Motorola, currently produces a foldable phone (the Razr).

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