Yodot File Recovery Software Review: Is This Really Good?

Data loss can be overwhelming, as I quote this, I had already lost a huge chunk of important files on my computer. Being a non-techie, it was hard for me to find a perfect solution to recover the formatted files. So, here I am writing about this underrated tool that had me in awe. In this article, you’ll find the Yodot File Recovery Software review and my journey through File Recovery, and how Yodot helped me retrieve my important files within the anticipated amount of time.

Additionally, the Pros and Cons of the software will be discussed in the article. Not being the tech-savvy person that I am, let’s call this a commoner’s review of Yodot File Recovery Software.

The Panic Attack

One afternoon I was working on my office project which was due the next day, little did I know the storm that was going to hit me that day. I was trying to create a new partition on the hard drive to save important files and then I accidentally formatted a partition that had all my important files.

This left me devastated and all panicky as I was unable to find any of the files on my computer, I didn’t even have a backup of the files. My office project files went missing and I had no option left but to find a data recovery software that could retrieve all my data.

In Search of Ways

As everyone would do I went on to Google in search of file recovery software, I found a list of file recovery software and tried some of them, for some software’s the time required to retrieve data took a lot of time but that too came with a disappointment as even after scanning my hard drive for days, it couldn’t find any files on my computer.

Just before I gave up my quest for finding the best-suited data recovery tool, I stumbled on this tool called Yodot.

The Discovery

Fortunately, after a lot of research, I decided to try Yodot File Recovery Software. Surprisingly, this tool didn’t take up so much time to scan my hard drive and actually recovered the files I was looking for. I didn’t trust it until I had them previewed using the preview feature.

I was ecstatic and relieved after my frustrating encounter of finding the file recovery software. However,  the sad part is that Yodot File Recovery software not being part of any top 10 recovery tools that many experts recommend. This is why I decided to pen my review on Yodot File Recovery Software which helped me by recovering my most important files. This is not an expert review but an honest one.

What Did I Like About Yodot File Recovery Software?

Yodot File Recovery software has proved capable enough to retrieve missing and deleted files and folders even when the drives or partitions in the drives are formatted.

Not only that but one of the eye-catchy features that I learned about this tool is its ability to recognize and recover any file types that are supported on Windows and Mac. I recovered the photos, videos, and other files of any file format for example JPG, JPEG, PNG for images, WMV, MPG, AVS for Video, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT for documents, and many more.

The tool has a simple yet descriptive user interface that can make recovering files even from complex data loss scenarios like formatted drive recovery a walk in the park. This feature called deep scan is responsible for restoring the data in complex data loss scenarios.

Last, but not least is the pricing compared to the so-called best data recovery tools Yodot Data recovery software is affordable and does the job nicely. If you ever face data loss and are looking for file recovery software, I totally recommend giving this software a try. The tool is completely free to download and try and you can only purchase it if it works for you.

Overview of How it Works

First, you have to download and install Yodot File Recovery Software onto your system and then launch it and it works as mentioned below:

The tool comes with two options which you can choose, one is “Deleted File Recovery” and the other is “Lost File Recovery”. You can choose which option suits you best, I chose Lost file Recovery since I had to recover files from the Formatted partition.


Then choose between the drives through which you want to retrieve data. You can also retrieve data from external hard drives such as USBs or Flash Drive connected to your PC.

You can toggle between recovery options between different views provided in the software for different file types to easily locate which files you want to recover data smoothly.

Is Yodot Recovery Safe?

I would say Yodot File Recovery is safe to use as it operates on a read-only mode, It can locate and read the lost data, and you copy data to the destination of your choice easily.

However, the tool needs a disk space of around 50MB for installation, Memory of a minimum of 1 GB RAM, and a system of around 32bits or 64 bits OS.

Final Words

Yodot File Recovery Software has assisted me to recover all my data files in less time. In this article, I have tried to provide a true Yodot File Recovery Review to help users to make the right decision while they face data loss scenarios. Please drop in a comment if this article has helped you make the right decision.