World’s Fastest Gaming Monitor Has A Refresh Rate Of 500 Hz

Sina, a Chinese news agency, reports that BOE has produced display technology advancements and produced the world’s first fastest gaming monitor with 500 Hz. High-mobility oxide backplanes, a 27-inch Full HD panel, and a fast response of under 1 ms are all that’s needed to create the monitor’s incredible refresh rate.

Panel technology based on oxide semiconductors has been used by BOE for many years. Furthermore, the company’s 500 Hz monitor surpasses all current “fastest” gaming screens available in the¬†market at the moment, such as those from Asus and Alienware that clock in at 360 Hz. In addition, an 8-lane eDP signal can be supported, as can an exact 8-bit output.

Keep in mind that the monitor used by BOE is merely a model for demo reasons. A 500 Hz gaming display from BOE hasn’t been announced, so gamers may have to wait a while before they can get their hands on a real display.

When it comes to using this monitor, you have to ask yourself whether or not it is reasonable. In order to play modern games, you’ll have to get a system that can produce at least 500 frames per second (FPS). Sadly, this is an uncommon occurrence, demanding a high-end GPU from either Nvidia or AMD, as well as playing games with lower graphic demands, such as those seen in competitive gaming.

When it comes to input latency, a high-end monitor like this one would provide you an edge because it refreshes quickly, which means less wait among frames, allowing you to see more stuff very rapidly. You can check out our guide for buying the right gaming monitor.

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