WordPress vs Blogger: Which Platform Is Better? (Pros and Cons)

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When you are thinking to start blogging. The one and the most important thing is to pick up the best platform on which you have to create a blog. There are different platforms available but the most popular are WordPress and Blogger. One of the most asking questions from newbies is: WordPress vs Blogger: Which platform is best for blogging?

The answer to this question may be pretty much confusing at times as many people love Blogger and many are fans of WordPress because of its more control and features.

Both platforms are different and work in different ways. Each of them has some pros and cons but today we are going to discuss both of them so that it becomes easy for you to decide which one is better for you.

Things to Look Out Before Choosing Platform

Before starting a discussion on WordPress vs Blogger. Here are some of the factors to check out before you are going to choose a blogging platform.

1. Easy to Use

You have to choose a simple and easy-to-use platform so you can easily create your blog and start blogging. The options available on the platform are such that you can easily understand and don’t be confused.

2. Flexibility

You need to choose such a platform that gives you more flexibility, control, and features to start working on without any problems. The more features available the more control you will get over your blog.

3. Support

It’s a common thing that you may need support or have questions to ask while creating your blog. Because as a beginner, everything is new for you. You are not aware of anything.

Choose such a platform for which you will get more support when facing any issues.

WordPress vs Blogger: Which Platform is Better to Choose?


Blogger which is also known as BlogSpot is the best option for you if you are planning to create a personal blog to share your thoughts with others.

WordPress vs Blogger vs BlogSpot

To start a simple blog without many technical aspects, you can choose Blogger. Creating a blog on Blogger is too much easy. Just sign in using your Gmail account, select your blog title and address and your blog is ready. After that, you need to select a theme of your choice (from lots of free themes) and do customization of that to make your blog dynamic and perfect.

By default, your blog address will be “yourdomainname.blogspot.com”. It means you will get a free subdomain with blogspot.com. But you can also your custom domain such as .com, .net, .org, etc. after buying from any domains provider company.

Why not Blogger?

Blogger is totally a free platform, you can start blogging right away at zero cost. But the unfortunate thing is that there are many limitations in Blogger in terms of features, functionality, and SEO.

If you creating a blog to make money online and to brand yourself then Blogger is not for you. Because there are not too many options to increase your blog’s visibility in search engines. You will only get limited things for the SEO of your blog. Moreover, you will not get too many features to do the things that you want.


WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS). It is an open-source platform that gives you full control over your website and gives so many features to control your blog. You will also get many options and SEO plugins to do the best and perfect SEO of your blog to increase its rankings in search engines.

WordPress vs BlogSpot (wordpress.org)

WordPress is a self-hosted platform that is used to create any type of website. But this is also the best and most popular platform for blogging. Almost 37% of websites that are present on the web are running on WordPress.

percentage of websites using wordpress

WordPress is also totally free like Blogger but it does not host a blog for you. Instead, you have to buy a separate hosting and a domain name. After purchasing a good hosting plan, you need to install WordPress on that hosting.

Getting starting with WordPress is a much complex procedure and requires a lot of effort. First, you need to learn how to install WordPress, do basic settings, install a theme, and do complete theme customization to set up your blog. You may also be confused when you see the dashboard for the first time.

You also have to install some important plugins which are necessary for every WordPress website. There are lots of free themes available for WordPress just like Blogger. If you buy a premium theme, you will get more nice features and control to make your blog more beautiful and good looking.

Why WordPress?

Not just a blog but you can also create a fully responsive eCommerce website on WordPress or can also build any other business website. That’s the best thing about WordPress, it gives you all the functionality to create any type of website without writing a single line of code. This is the reason why WordPress is so much popular around the world.

SEO is the thing without that your website or blog will not survive. The beauty of WordPress is that there are so many SEO plugins and techniques that are available in WordPress to do the best SEO of your website.

Pros of WordPress vs Blogger

Now you have knowledge of both platforms. So, let’s take a look at some advantages and disadvantages of WordPress vs Blogger.

Pros of Blogger

  • It is very simple and easy to use, you can even create your blog within a few minutes. You just need to log in with your Gmail account. You will not get many complex options.
  • Blogger is totally a free platform with a free (blogspot.com) subdomain. You can also add your own custom domain after buying from domain providers.
  • BlogSpot gives you a free SSL certificate which is pre-installed.
  • It gives you totally free hosting to start your blog, you don’t need to buy a hosting plan.
  • Because of Google’s product, Blogger is a very secure platform.
  • While limited but it gives you many options to customize your blog to make it beautiful and nice looking.
  • You can monetize your blog with one of the most popular advertising networks Google Adsense.

Pros of WordPress

  • Setting up the blog on WordPress requires more effort than Blogger but still, it’s a quick and excellent source to start working on.
  • WordPress is an open-source platform and totally free. Almost every hosting company gives you the option to install WordPress with just one click.
  • It is very easy and simple to learn for beginners especially if you are using WordPress for blogging purposes.
  • Blogger is the property of Google, they can suspend your Blogspot account any time. But WordPress is your property, no one can do anything with your account.
  • You will get thousands of plugins and themes for WordPress to customize your website as you like. Plugins give you the functionality to do anything.
  • Anyone, who is aware of coding and can work with the code section. WordPress allows us to even perform any functionality by changing or adding more code.
  • WordPress contains so many options in terms of SEO. A lot of plugins are available which allow you to do the best SEO and write SEO optimized content to get better rankings.
  • You can also create a fully functional and responsive eCommerce website using WordPress. There are so many eCommerce themes and plugins are available to build your site.
  • With the help of many security plugins, WordPress also makes sure that your website will always remain hack-proof.

Cons of WordPress vs Blogger

Cons of Blogger

  • Blogger is only best for you if you want to create a simple and basic personal blog.
  • You can’t do too much with Blogger as you only get limited features and control.
  • You will get only a few options to customize or design your blog.
  • Moreover, even you will not be able to do too much in terms of the SEO of your blog. As you will not get too many options or any plugins just like in WordPress.
  • There is also no good customer support available because it’s Google’s product. The only source is the Blogger Help Forum where you can ask questions.
  • Also, you can’t own your content or media as it is hosted on Google’s servers.

Cons of WordPress

  • Getting started with WordPress is not too much easy as in the case of Blogger. First, you need to learn about its installation, settings, themes customization, and plugins installation or configuration.
  • You need a buy a hosting plan to create a blog or website on WordPress. Because WordPress is a self-hosted platform and you need to install it on your hosting.
  • As you are hosting your website. So, you are responsible for its performance and security. Always makes sure that your site is running fast and also protected from hackers or brutal attacks.

Conclusion on WordPress vs BlogSpot

WordPress vs Blogger: Which platform should you choose?

The above are the complete details that help you to decide which platform will be best for you.

But if you need my suggestion, I always recommend WordPress. If you can invest some money to buy a hosting plan and domain name, I suggest you go with WordPress.

The reason is WordPress is always the best option instead of Blogger because of its so many features and control.


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