Will Animated Video Marketing Be The New Trend?

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Every new era brings new technologies and marketing strategies for maximizing sales and promoting businesses. The new trend that every brand and advertising agency opts for is marketing via animated videos. Animated video marketing is endorsing and promoting your product or brand through animated videos. This marketing strategy works smoothly by explaining the product in an eye-catching way.

People who want to adopt smart methods to nurture their products create animated videos through reliable animation creators. In this article, we will list the best animation makers along with their specifications. By using these tools, you can easily craft your customized animated video.

Major Benefits of Animated Video Marketing for your Brand

Simple to Understand

Animated videos were created initially to explain complex issues and concepts through active images. However, now animated video marketing has become a trend as it’s easy to comprehend. The audience wants to get informed through simple means; that’s why animated video marketing makes things simple through illustrations and motion pictures.

Brings Connectivity

Engaging your audience is the key element of a marketing strategy. Animated videos contain colorful backgrounds, props, characters, and interesting demonstrations that can easily connect you with the audience. By building connectivity with viewers, you can convey the features of your brand effectively.

Can Answer Several Queries

People usually don’t read text or written information for a longer period. However, animated videos can make the viewer hooked and attentive. Through animated video marketing, you can answer frequently asked questions, concerns, and specifications of your brand easily.


Some marketing strategies such as advertising on TV or billboards can be very expensive. But animated video marketing comes as an affordable and cost-effective strategy for the promotion of your product. Moreover, for advertisement, you need to have actors, cameras, and locations for the shoot. On the other hand, animated videos don’t demand such expensive requirements.


Animated videos are customizable as you are not restricted with limited options. You can add several backgrounds, colors, fonts, templates, and transitions according to your preferences. You can easily deduct any element for the animated video and can also do last-minute addition.

How to Improve Animated Video Marketing Effects Flawlessly

You can find tons of examples of animated videos for marketing purposes, but what will make your animated video stand out? In this section, we will recommend an animated maker and presentation recording tool that can create pleasing animated videos with enhanced marketing effects. With the help of tools such as Doratoon and SOOMUS, the users can effectively design their complete animated video marketing strategy.

Doratoon is currently the best animation maker

To understand how to employ these tools under the provided circumstances, it is important to look across the details. Doratoon is currently the best animation maker for its various features. You can make a flawless animated video by using still images, stock photos, pre-made templates, and sound effects. You can add customized animation effects to craft the video according to your choice.

To design the best-animated marketing videos, you can utilize the free and stock photos from this platform to use them on your video. By employing all the features of Doratoon smartly, you can do animated video marketing for various projects and brands. Make use of the following features to make vivid and interesting videos.

  • Advanced Sound Effects: Through Doratoon, you can add background music to your videos and can edit them with advanced sound effects. Also, you can record your voiceover through this tool.
  • Draw by AI Tools: For illustrations, drawings, and graphics, you intelligently draw through AI tools. For more enhancement, you can use fonts, colors, and designs.
  • Manage Object’s Appearance: In animated videos, objects appear at the accurate time for engagement. You can manage their timing and can add animation effects for aesthetic results.
  • Utilize AI Dubbing Tools: Doratoon has a feature that can convert the written text into speech using AI dubbing tools. This works well when you don’t want to use your voiceover.

In addition, using a video presentation tool would be the best choice if you want to explain the idea to your audience in a better way. For this, designing an animated video with animation software such as Doratoon, which can then be imported across SOOMUS – a visual presentation tool – for explaining everything to the customers is the best choice.

SOOMUS is a visual presentation tool

You can select any presentation template and design from the given options and can execute an impressive video recording. This can also work as a potential platform for animated video marketing. The following features explain how a user can effectively market their animated video using SOOMUS.

  • Use Pointer: While recording your presentation, you can use a pointer to illustrate in a better way through its built-in tool.
  • Add Watermark: To prevent your work from copying, you add customized watermarks to your content.
  • Do Live Presentation: Through SOOMUS, you can do a live presentation video in a live conference or meeting.
  • Change Background: To change the unpleasant background while recording, you can add virtual backgrounds to make a good impression.

This explanation is a clear depiction of how a user can utilize tools such as Doratoon and SOOMUS to do marketing in an effective manner. Design your animated videos and present them to explain all in-depth details involving the video with these aforementioned tools.

Some Proficient Animation Creators

In this section, we will discuss some other proficient animation makers that you can use for animated video marketing.


Animaker is an efficient animation creator that can craft tons of animated characters and visuals. This tool includes more than 100 million stock photos and videos that users can utilize in their projects. For beginners, it consists of tons of templates for designs of animated videos.

Furthermore, users can edit and upload animated videos at 4K quality. You can easily start creating customized animated videos through Animaker for free. Also, you can use their drag and drop option to add various elements.


Powtoon gives desired outputs by professionally creating and editing animated videos. They have separate guides and tutorials for every genre of animated videos. For instance, to craft animated video marketing, they have special templates and guidelines to increase your company’s growth.

Moreover, you can add animation to logos, texts, and still images with a few clicks. It has a user-friendly interface as it does not contain annoying ads.


Biteable is another good choice to make animated videos from scratch. Non-professionals can get inspiration and can use pre-established animated characters and scenes. You can use these animated characters to demonstrate your product in an explainer video.

By using their animated designs and backgrounds, you can convey interesting storytelling for animated video marketing. From their personal library, you can use various soundtracks for your video.


Every entrepreneur, businessman, and influencer should be aware of animated video marketing. This marketing strategy is extremely effective yet affordable. There are a number of animation creators, but to achieve quality results, we suggest you use Doratoon. After making an animated video for your product, you can record an impressive presentation through SOOMUS.

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