Why Should You Choose Mailroom by PackageX Over Envoy Deliveries?

In the realm of the digital mailroom market, successful businesses are aware of the responsibilities that stem from growth. And for this matter, it is of paramount importance to keep your operating procedures revived at all times. According to a forecast report, the mailroom management system market globally is expected to rise from 2021 to 2026. It will soon become the heart of a business strategy.

To expedite and streamline processes, decrease turnaround time, and at the same time boost productivity. You would need a robust digital mail management system. Considering the setbacks that come with a traditional mailroom, digitizing the mailroom downscales the manual labor cost to a great extent, promptly maintaining the delivery cycle’s integrity.

Mailroom by PackageX Vs. Envoy

Mailroom by PackageX and Envoy Deliveries aim at one target: save time, increase productivity, improve customer service, and lower risks and costs. The systems do that by striving to:

  1. Manage the mailroom staff with the help of a mobile app; instantly scan all the incoming deliveries right away.
  2. Using Optical Character Recognition to notify employees of the status of the package.
  3. Automate the system with either a signature or a picture during pickup to prevent theft, mix-ups, and loss. Features such as encryption, signature, and passwords enable digitized correspondence secure right on your working servers.

What Makes the Mailroom Bigger than Envoy?

While the two’s objectives must be similar, the methodology followed by Mailroom makes it far more a better and greater system. Comparing Mailroom to Envoy, the former takes the lead.

Envoy’s products are designed and developed for hybrid workplaces. It ultimately focused on achieving a specific task catering only to office mailroom management. However, other mail management software like Mailroom by PackageX is a multi-faceted software that provides automation and scalable management processes for multiple industries irrespective of size. A comprehensive solution for offices, residential buildings, universities, and any other enterprise that has or needs a digital mailroom—an all-in-one service tailored to keep you moving hassle-free.

Mailroom aims to help offices reduce overhead, risk, and liability by covering the primary objectives with its range of outstanding features.

Get a hand in organizing and systemizing your mail with simple plans at a cost-effective price point with Mailroom by PackageX.

A simple concept built to solve everyday problems!

Features that make Mailroom Standout

OCR Technology: What’s Different in the Mailroom?

The intelligent technological algorithms of OCR bring you the bare minimum without the need for any hardware equipment. Both Mailroom and Envoy Deliveries have deployed optical character recognition to scan deliveries, after which the recipients are automatically notified.

Simply take a photo of the delivery from your mobile app and let it do the rest of the work! The image-rich notification offered by Mailroom is the innovative feature that will allow operators to send picture notifications to the recipients of the package condition to avoid any further queries regarding it.

Moreover, the mobile app of Mailroom can scan QR codes, barcodes, handwritten labels, etc., to extract information. In Envoy, you can only scan printed labels. While you will be returning to your work, the app will be using OCR transcription to scan and process packages with built-in troubleshooting to steer clear of any lagging page.

The mailroom will take away your stress of bulky filing cabinets and all physical access control measures by storing and maintaining a digital format document.

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Package Management

A delivery dashboard by Envoy helps employees have a digital delivery log, edit deliveries charts, pickup status, and view weekly analytics. But a dashboard by Mailroom is not an ordinary one; it’s a data-driven kiosk tool that will help mailroom managers strive for excellence and minimize costs by providing information on everything inside out. You can have access to anything and anytime. View, identify, and evaluate trends in data and hours saved to make substantial decisions on your business needs.

The mailroom will also keep you fully informed with inventory logs and analytics to eradicate chances of the pileup, unacclaimed packages while ultimately diminishing the odds of correspondence getting lost in transit notably.


No doubt, the workforce of today is not what it once was. Both software offers mobility and benefits at the forefront by sending out reminders and notifications of any arriving or upcoming deliveries. In case of non-availability at the given location, Envoy provides the facility of delivering the package personally to the recipient. However, with the designated pickup feature of Mailroom, you can also have your package picked up by someone else. To make sure that it is reached in the right hands, Mailroom keeps proof of delivery and authentication.


A user-friendly interface of Envoy lets you configure and personalize your account to customize deliveries, provide access to employees/administrators and manage the directory.

Mailrooms provide powerful APIs and Webhooks that can be customized according to your business needs to ensure your experience and usage are enriched and improved.

To help maximize potential benefits and create an efficient office, making it an on-demand self-service app, easy to maintain, secured, and economical. A centralized approach to keep it all on a single server with cohesive access control protocols.


So, which is it? Imagine having the capability to capture and record all the information you need for every delivery that is running through your business.

Automate mundane workplace management tasks with Mailroom as it eliminates time-consuming tasks such as receiving, sorting, and dispensing the myriad of packages. Easily track shipping details for each incoming delivery with the comfort of digital automation.

The system excels by putting together outstanding features to make the process as quick as possible, whether for a large mailroom operation or a single front desk.

According to Envoy’s Beta users, including Slack, Box, Github, and Mindspace, have reported saving hours of their time daily on an average using the application. However, Mailroom still holds the upper hand for:

  • Reduced pickup and processing time.
  • Same-day residents’ pickup.
  • Processing thousands of packages for luxury condos and schools.
  • Zero lost packages.

Because it is not just about saving time but making the process smooth, effortless, and easy!

If your business has been experiencing bottlenecks with record keeping and label maintenance, switch to Mailroom to revolutionize mail processing, save resources, and increase efficiency. Make your following significant change with no better than PackageX!