What is SEO Key Factors of Search Engine Optimization
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You might have heard a lot about SEO and Google Analytics, but do you know what is SEO means? What are the key factors that count for an effective SEO?

Key Factors of Search Engine Optimization

Today, we are going to discuss those 5 magic boosters that can help to climb up the ranking ladder. Stay with us and find out.


Keywords are like a key to a lock. Without a specific key, you cannot open the desired lock. Similarly, without targeting particular keywords, you cannot expect Google to find your services and improve ranking.

There are different keywords for a business, and not all rank equally. General keywords are the most competitive, for example, “red color dresses” or parks in Canada.” Every related business brand will be using them, and it gathers most of the audience.

Your objective must be to stand out while resonating with the search patterns of the market. Sit with your SEO consultant and pick out the keywords which guarantee to gather the audience while staying in the market. Use selected keywords in your web content, in meta tags, titles, and Google directory listings.

Link Building

It is of two types; internal and external. If you run a clothing brand, and you are referring to your scarves and women wear on the men page then it is the internal link building.

External link building comes when you cite some other credible website, or someone lists your website on their web pages. It helps to generate traffic while building the credibility of the brand. Domain authority is a score that is used by SEO experts to take an insight into the market image of the website. The higher the score, the safer and more reliable the website is.

Both types of link building help to gather the audience and let Google analyze your performance in digital services. Link building tells Google how many people in the market are talking about your services or trust your brand. Stay away from scams, and do not buy links in bulk. They are often of low quality and lead to penalizing the website.


Keywords and link building play a constructive part when incorporated into the website content. Nearly all SEO services play to focus on blogs that talk about products, services, market trends, and future projects. It let users understand your place in the market and also an idea of how well aware you are about their needs and choices. Keep it relevant and focused while precisely adjusting it with keywords & links that develop a natural flow of reading rather than imposed or stuffed.

On-Page Optimization

Off-page and On-page optimization focus on different targets. Off-page works for gathering an audience and offering a smooth user experience whereas on-page optimization strives to improve web factors that impact Google rankings. Various areas that need to be catered are;

  • Title tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Site security (HTTPS)
  • Site map
  • Web design and structure
  • Website speed and accessibility
  • Reduce Bounce Rate
  • Optimizing media content

These are some of the factors, and the list is endless if we manage it at the micro-level. The best person to discuss these factors is your SEO services consultant. He can professionally explain to you how these areas matter for your website and how can these be improved.

Regular Audits

Without auditing the website performance, you cannot expect to improve. The website will not rank on #1 overnight. It takes time. What you can do is frequently monitor the response of your implemented adjustments, and then plan your future strategy accordingly.

What is SEO? Key Factors of Search Engine Optimization


What is local SEO?

Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization cannot be a success without local SEO and SEO specialists. You might have heard this term multiple times, but do you know what it comprises? And about the merits which make local SEO a must tool to boost up your sales?

We are here to help you mark your place in search engine rankings through local SEO. Stay with us and make sky-rocketing sales. Etrosoft is the best Local Toronto SEO company that gives a boost to your business.

Your digital voice needs to reach the right audience. That is where local SEO comes into the picture. Local SEO specialist aims at getting your business recognized among search queries generated locally. Whenever a query is generated like a “doctor near me” or “dine-in near me,” then the geolocation indicators such as zip code, city, state, or suburb are scanned by the search engine for bringing up the most relevant results.

How local SEO is different from SEO?

Keywords and link building are the crucial components of SEO. The choice of keywords distinguishes local SEO from global SEO. A keyword that is very competitive and ranks globally may not present the same picture when it comes to the local audience. The search intents of local queries are projected towards the business operatives in their localities. People living in Toronto do not know about a local facility functional in California.

Local SEO focuses on the needs and the search patterns of people who are covered in the functional area of your business. For example, you are running a clothing brand, and you supply in the XYZ suburb of a city. Your brand will automatically rank up on the top when people search “Clothing shops near me.” The key is to list your website on a local Google map and incorporate the local SEO elements on your website.

Why should I care about it?

Generating leads is the ultimate goal of any online business. Local SEO is the most predominant ingredient in preparing the final product. Forbes reported that 95% of mobile phone users used search engines to locate local services in their immediate facility. 61% of them ended up contacting online, whereas 59% visited the shop in person. SEO specialists may focus on these numbers which indicate the impact of local SEO on qualified leads.

How does Google see local SEO?

Google gathers information from geo-tags and shows up the top 3 results for a local search query. It is better known as the local three-pack. These top results gather most of the traffic similar in fashion to the first page of Google search results. Some key factors are discussed here that matter for local SEO (Etrosoft).

  1. First is the complete address mentioned on the website. It acts as a geo-marker and gets immediately recognized by Google. Listings in Google My Business and online directories are imperative to get recognized.
  2. The second is the NAP that is the Name, Address, and Phone Number. It should be listed on the main website and must remain consistent in all online directories for efficient ranking.
  3. Next are the citations. It works like a link building where your business is referred by another website that specifies the trade to a specific location. A blog is an ideal way to achieve this goal, which also testifies the market image of your business.


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