What is AWS S3? The Definitive Guide of Amazon S3

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What is AWS S3?

AWS S3 or Amazon S3 or Amazon Simple Storage Service is an online or cloud storage for internet users. Users use this storage to save, manage, and retrieve any amount of data from the internet at any time from anywhere by just using a stable internet connection.

The AWS S3 (Amazon S3) is specially designed for developers to make web-scale computing easier for them.

Amazon S3 contains a very easy and simple web services interface that you can use to store, manage, and retrieve your data. The best thing about cloud storage is that you can access your data from anywhere around the world. You just need an internet connection on your device.

This service offers industry leading durability, availability, security, performance, and scalability at a very low cost. The AWS S3 gives the developers the same scalable, fast, and reliable data storage infrastructure which Amazon uses to run its own network of websites.

The aim of Amazon S3 is to maximize the benefits of scale and pass those benefits on to developers.

What You Can Do With AWS S3?

AWS S3 provides you a simple web service interface, by using this you can store and retrieve any amount of data. You can easily develop those types of applications that make use of the internet.

The best thing is that you only pay for what you use. So, you can start with a basic and small and grow your application with time without compromising on performance and reliability.

Amazon S3 provides you such flexibility that you can store any type or any amount of data as you wish. You can build a simple FTP application or even a sophisticated web application such as Amazon.com retail website.

How Does Amazon S3 (AWS S3) Work?

Amazon S3 works as an object storage service, which is different from other types of storage such as file cloud storage or block storage.

When a user uploads a file on Amazon S3, this file is stored as an object with its metadata, and the object is given an ID. To access these objects, applications use their ID numbers to use them.

This cloud storage service gives the user the same access to systems that Amazon uses to run its own global network of websites. The users can upload, store, and access any file or object that is up to 5TB. The maximum upload size is up to 5GB.

Amazon S3 Storage Classes

1. Amazon S3 Standard

Amazon S3 Standard offers storage for frequently accessed data with high durability, availability, and performance. It delivers low latency and high throughput. This is the storage for quick or frequent data access. Its usability is at 99.99% and is the go-to-storage class for many users. Students’ attendance data can be an example of frequently accessed data.

2. Amazon S3 Standard for Infrequent Access

Customers use S3 Standard-IA to store such type of data that needs to store for a long duration or access less frequently. Amazon S3 Standard-IA storage class is for those data that is accessed less frequently but requires quick access when needed.

This is suitable for long-term storage, backups, and data store for disaster recovery files. This storage is especially for those data that needs to be store for at least a month or two without any access. But users can access quickly when needed.

3. Amazon S3 One Zone-Infrequent Access

This Amazon S3 storage is similar to S3 Standard-IA. This storage uses for infrequently access and stores the data in a single region or in one zone. With Amazon S3 One Zone-IA, users can store infrequently accessed data within a single availability zone at a 20% lower cost than S3 Standard-IA.

4. Amazon S3 Glacier

Amazon S3 Glacier is a secure, durable, and extremely low-cost Amazon S3 cloud storage class for data archiving and long-term backup. It is used where data needs to be archived without high performance. Amazon S3 Glacier is best when data doesn’t need to access or retrieve instantly. The S3 Glacier is much cheaper than the S3 Standard and S3 Standard-IA.

5. Amazon S3 Intelligent-Tiering

AWS monitors the data in the Amazon S3 Intelligent-Tiering storage class. It converts the data automatically from S3 to S3-IA if the objects remain inactive for 30 days. The first cloud storage class that delivers automatic cost savings by moving data between two tiers (frequent access and infrequent access).


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