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What is a Backlink?

A backlink is a link from one page of a website to another page. It is also called “inbound or incoming link”. Backlinks have great importance in terms of SEO. Google and other search engines check backlinks when indexing any page. The more links webpage has, the more authority search engines give to the page.

Backlinks are considered a supreme ranking factor for most of the search engines. Actually, backlinks are the votes for a webpage. A webpage with a higher number of votes will get higher rankings in Google and other search engines. The more backlinks, the more organic traffic to the web page.

The reason is that the traffic to your website is directly related to the number of backlinks. If your website is getting links from high authority websites, your website rankings will increase in search results and you will get a good amount of organic traffic.

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What are High-Quality Backlinks?

To know about which backlinks are high-quality backlinks, there are some factors for that:

1. Domain Authority/Trusted Source

If your website is getting links from high domain authority websites, these are considered high-quality backlinks and the authority of your page will also increase. There are chances that Google will promote your website rankings in the search results.

Getting backlinks from trusted and authority websites definitely boost your site’s rankings. But only these links are not the way to increase your rankings. Links from high authority and strong pages not always give authority to your page. Internal linking is also an important thing. If you are getting a good amount of traffic on any single page. You can transfer all of this traffic to your other pages with the help of internal linking.

2. Uniqueness

It’s a very good strategy to get backlinks from the sources where your competitors don’t exist. Getting links from the websites from where your competitors aren’t getting any links, this thing makes you apart from your competitors. So, always perform competitor analysis to check the strategies of your competitors and then do something out of the box that makes you unique.

For example, getting backlinks from conferences, events, or company websites that are already ranked at the top of Google. If you succeed in getting links from these websites, this will put a great impact on your website rankings.

3. Anchor Text

Anchor text is a word or text that contains a link to a webpage or we can say these are clickable words.

What is a backlink anchor text in high quality backlinks

Above you can see the word “freelancing” is of red color, it contains a link to one of our pages about freelancing. So the word “freelancing” is an anchor text.

If you use your keyword in the anchor text, then the quality of the links increases. Google in its patent says that anchor text influences rankings:

anchor text

But if you use the same keyword for multiple links, Google will consider it spam and will punish you for that. So, be careful with your anchor text. Don’t use the same keyword too many times. It comes in keyword stuffing and such pages don’t get good rankings.

The best practice is that use semantic or synonym words of your exact keyword in the anchor text. It saves you from stuffing and also includes your keyword in the text.

4. High-Quality Backlinks from Relevant Sources

Google and other search engines consider the relevancy a very important factor when checking the quality of backlinks. Google more prefers the relevant backlinks because there are high chances that people can click on them.

Means always try to get the backlinks from your niche related websites. For example, if your website is about health, you should need to get the backlinks from other high authority websites related to health topics. Because only those people will come to these websites which are interested to read about health. When they will see your article about health, there will be more changes they will also come to your page to get the information.

That’ why relevancy is the most important thing.

5. In-content Backlinks

If your links are at the top of a page or article or in the middle of content, these links provide more value than the links present at the sidebar or in the footer area.

So always add a backlink at the top or in the middle of the content.

6. Backlinks from Pages that are Linked to High Authority Websites

If you add your page link in a page that is linked to high authority websites. The authority of your webpage will also increase.

Google will also consider your page a high-quality webpage.

7. Quality Backlinks from Unique Sources

If you going to get a backlink from a website that is not already linked to any of your pages. Then this is more useful than getting a backlink from the website which is already linked to one or more pages of your website.

When making backlinks, first always try the find the new websites that are not already linked to your website.


Above mentioned are some of the factors to know which backlinks are high-quality backlinks. If you are creating links according to these given factors, your links are quality ones and give you great benefits after some time. So, always kind in mind these things when you are going to generate backlinks for your blog or website.


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