What Do I Need To Know Before Playing Final Fantasy XIV?

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Final Fantasy Series is undoubtedly the biggest RPG franchise, and Final Fantasy XIV has become the favorite game of millions of gamers from all around the globe in a short time. It brings both MMO and RPG genres together, offering you thrilling gameplay to experience. Furthermore, you can control a hero of your choice and participate in the battle to show off your fighting skills. Exploration can be made using the third-person viewpoint and you can fight using magical skills and melee weapons like Sword. Embark on your adventure through the dark world, but here are a few things that you need to know before setting on your journey.

New to Final Fantasy XIV? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Before starting the game, you should keep in mind that playing Final Fantasy XIV won’t be easy as it comes with thrilling gameplay and dozens of features. The leveling-up system is a bit complicated and you should learn about FFXIV Gil, the in-game currency, that you need to upgrade your weapons and level up your character.

It’s an MMO

Final Fantasy XIV is an MMO, meaning that you will have to bear a lot of quirky stuff like hundreds of different commands at the bottom of the screen. You may defeat some enemies in solo attacks, but you ultimately have to opt for team raids as they are effective against tough bosses.

Players Get XP While Resting and Eating

In most RPGs leveling up is quite hard as you have to slay enemies and complete quests, but FFXIV goes easy on players by giving them experience points when they eat something. This way, you will stack experience point buffs and use them to double your experience points from certain quests.

Job Unlocks After Level 30

Just like all the other weird things of FFXIV, you can’t change your job until you upgrade your character to level 30. You start with a class in the general category and pick a job after hitting the level 30 mark.

Option to Change the Job Whenever You Want

There is good news, especially if you have selected a job that you don’t like, as you can change it with a single click. Pro players use this feature to level up multiple jobs and classes to switch them according to their needs.

Free to Play to Some Extent

Although Final Fantasy XIV offers a monthly subscription, players have to renew everything month and pay individual prices for expansion packs. Players who took advantage of the free trial enjoyed the game without spending the same money as those who bought subscriptions. Instead, they enjoyed the game and bought expansion packs in the trial version.

It’s Not a Sequel

Final Fantasy XIV is a full-fledged title of the famous final fantasy franchise and not a sequel to some previous final fantasy game. FFXIV has its world, and the stories don’t connect in any way, meaning you will be experiencing something completely new.

PVP is Optional

Player vs. player battles are also available in Final Fantasy XIV, but they aren’t as good as player-vs-environment battles. Low frame rates and connectivity are the biggest issues with PVP scenario battles, and players opt to slay dark-world creatures instead.

It Offers to Fetch Quests Mostly

The base game has a lot to offer, but it doesn’t perform that well in quests as it offers to fetch quests until you buy the expansion pack. You can complete these fetch quests to level up your character, but you have to buy expansion packs like Heavensward and Stormblood to enjoy story quests with some action.

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