Top 5 Smartphone Camera Technologies To Look Out For In 2022

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The year 2021 was hands down one of the best years for technology. But the year 2022 is going to bring a lot of amazing deals and transformations in the field of camera technologies that you can make the most use of. There has been a substantial increase in OEMs and the available technology surrounding the same. Chipsets are becoming as popular as the no deposit bonus in online casinos.

But, the few trends that will be transforming in 2022 pertain to the various smartphone camera technologies that the users can look out for. We have listed out a few in this article.

ISP Upgrades

The flagship chipsets in 2022 are going to witness a range of ISP upgrades. So, if you plan on ditching your existing smartphone for a newer and better one, you can likely look into drastic improvements in the available camera performance of these devices. The image sensors will not just process better images but do it all at a must faster pace. Some of the high-resolution cameras will also support 8K resolution support.

200MP Camera Focus

Who would have thought that you’d get smartphones with 200MP camera focus sensors? But, the year 2022 might be the one that makes that a possibility as well. The same was initially introduced by Samsung in September 2021 but the OEMs have been looking to make this drastic transition in 2022. So, we aren’t surprised that some of the upcoming smartphones could very well integrate the same.

Stacked CMOS Sensor

The previous 48-megapixel quad-Bayer sensor from Sony has turned eyes but it hasn’t managed to create the kind of impact that you’d normally expect from brands like Samsung. It was later at the end of 2021 that Sony further showcased a new stack of camera sensors, called the CMOS camera sensors that will more than likely take the cake when it comes to camera usage and experience.

RGBW Sensors

The integration of the RGBW Sensors isn’t a new concept and has been previously integrated into smartphones. However, the year 2022 is also going to be the one that will witness a redefined mention and functionality of the RGBW sensors. It is expected to replace the RGB subpixel structure with a much more refined and better function choice.

In-display Cameras

Last on the list of mentions are the improvements to the available in-display cameras. The under-display cameras are gradually gaining prominence, so it isn’t surprising that the in-display cameras will follow suit. Brands like Samsung, Oppo, and Xiaomi will most likely create a better rendition of the same. However, there are no reports as to when or what kinds of smartphones will come out with the same.

If you are looking forward to switching up your smartphone in 2022, we’d recommend waiting for a little more to get an idea about all the upcoming smartphone camera technologies that will transform the facet of usage. We hope this article gives you an introductory understanding of the same.

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