Top 6 Solutions When MS Outlook Cannot Receive Emails

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The popularity of MS Outlook is expanding every day, showcasing its unique features. Many businesses and organizations cannot even complete their basic operations without MS Outlook. The score of this application is extremely high as per the intuitive interface and usability. However, despite all the advantages, the email client of MS Outlook suffers from some glitches and bugs that irritate the users. One of the most popular and common glitches of MS Outlook is when users cannot receive any email. This issue might happen anytime, and if you don’t know the proper solutions, you won’t understand why MS Outlook cannot receive emails in your inbox.

A Few Reasons Why MS Outlook Cannot Receive Emails

This glitch is widespread, and users who don’t know the proper methods of solving this face an extremely complicated situation. Continue reading the article to know the top 6 solutions when Outlook cannot receive emails.

1. Go Through the Spam Folder

Most of the time, people download emails from the server. This is the primary reason why the emails go into the spam folder instead of the inbox. This usually happens when the MS Outlook spam filters misjudge the essential email traffic as spam. To solve this issue, consider checking the spam folder of your MS Outlook and find if there are any crucial emails present. If this issue is severe for your organization, consider safe-listing the critical domains and people on the Safe Senders list. As per Computer Hope, the mails will remain in the spam folder until you delete them manually.

2. Make Sure Your Internet is Working Properly

This is another common reason your MS outlook fails to receive emails. Sometimes, the internet connection becomes slow. This will undoubtedly affect the sending and receiving time of the emails. Therefore, you need to ensure your internet connection is working properly. Most people don’t even realize that the internet connection is the cause of Outlook not receiving emails. Instead of fixing the internet connection, they implement other complicated steps first.

Even though most people ignore checking their internet connection while searching for the cause of Outlook not receiving emails, you should not overlook this step. If the internet connection is terrible, make sure you contact the operator.

3. Check the Size of the Inbox

If your system runs the older MS Outlook version such as 2002 or any previous edition, the size limit of your PST file is 2GB. Remember that exceeding the mentioned size of the PST file is one of the common reasons for corrupt outlook. Not to mention, you also have to deal with several problems that can threaten the operation and integrity of your organization.

However, solving this issue is not time-consuming if you know the steps well. Apart from deleting junk emails, you also need to take the necessary steps to compact or compress your PST file. You can also use numerous third-party tools to break the large PST files into smaller ones. This way, you won’t face any problems while recovering the PST files.

4. Delete the Cache Files or Outlook

While enhancing the performance of MS Outlook, you need to pay close attention to the cache files of the system. However, remember that the cache files of the Outlook system can conflict with the functionality of the Outlook application. This will prevent the emails from being received in your inbox. If you want to solve this problem, you need to ensure that you delete all the cache files of MS Outlook.

Make sure you use the RoamCache folder while deleting all the cache files. Within this folder, you will see all the cache files. Therefore, deleting them won’t be a problem. After deleting the cache files, don’t forget to restart the application.

5. Evaluate the Existing Outlook Rules

One of the best features of MS Outlook is that you create specific rules and regulations for particular functions. For example, you can develop a rule that will allow the system to transfer all the messages from a specific domain to the spam folder and delete them permanently. However, if you’re using the office system, some other user has created a rule that transfers the emails to a different folder. Make sure you check the present rules and regulations in your Outlook email client to solve this problem.

6. Disable the Third-Party Add-Ins

This is another common reason that prevents Outlook from receiving emails. Even though the third-party add-ins are extremely important to leverage the full benefits of MS Outlook, some add-ins are harmful and can cause damage to the system. Not to mention, some add-ins are the primary cause of Outlook corruption.

While using the third-party add-ins to enhance the functionality of your MS Outlook, keep in mind that in some cases, they can conflict with the Outlook mail client. This is why you need to remove all the add-ins and check if you’re receiving emails again. Additionally, you also need to determine which specific add-in is causing problems.


These are the top 6 solutions when MS Outlook cannot receive emails. Problems associated with MS Outlook are undoubtedly hectic. Therefore, make sure you follow these steps if you’re not receiving emails.

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